Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

Susanne Sundfør “Silicone Veil”
This music video is multiple levels of weird – and also nsfw, but I love it. Hm, to say it simply, it seems like a song of survival and transformation by one's own means. Her music is classified as electro-folk but genre's can be tricky little boxes, can't they? I think her voice really holds all the magic, especially in this song. The vocal pirouettes near the end are really haunting against the backdrop of heavy spiraling synthesized beats.

Gdragon  "Coup D'etat"
I think its safe to assume that Gd's finally broken free of the candy coated persona that made him so popular during his controversial heartbreaker era. I get the impression that the lyrics are meant to be self-depreciating, rather than arrogant but I wish he'd stop using outdated slang to express himself. Diplo & Baauer elevate an otherwise subpar hip hop track. The juxtaposition of beat patterns, skittering hi-hat and snares did little to compensate for the awkwardness of GD's flow, but I still enjoyed the myriad of beautifully rendered visuals.

Philtre ft Younha "Fade"
Philtre is the creative genius behind some of Epik High's most memorable instrumentals so I already knew his collaboration with Younha would further demonstrate his amazing composing abilities. The lyrics are uncomplicated and quiet but I find it amazing that sadness can be conveyed so well by simply outlining their shape in small ways. I think it allows the listener to fill in the gaps. The scenes of the girl lifelessly going about her daily routine in slow motion will resonate with anyone that's ever experienced the feeling of numbness after a painful separation.

Rphabet Ft San E "Black Suit"
I'm in love with the use of projected animation in this mv. It fills me with warm fuzzies to see simple but brilliantly executed art in my music videos. Monochromatic aesthetics aside, Rphabet ft San E has successfully secured a place on my playlist. Hip hop with a gritty, experimental edge? I'm always here for that. San E packs quite the lyrical punch and there's a subtle menace to his flow that other rappers struggle to convincingly achieve. I guess skull makeup is pretty popular these days but it doesn't look as tacky on San E it did on that other hiphop artist. *coughsorryjaycough*

Kim Sarang "ICU"
ICU is the perfect blend of shoegaze and alternative. The video feels very personal and introspective, full of strange but entertaining symbolism. From what I've read of the translations it's a social commentary piece that fits the theme/title of his album, Human Complex. It's been such a long time since he's released anything outside of the occasional one track single. I was beginning to worry he'd dropped out of the music scene once and for all. It's easy to forget that these things take time to produce and Kim Sarang is essentially a one man band. An artist of pure sound, technique, brilliant lyricism and execution, he treats his music like canvas for his voice, rather than a page out of a paint by numbers book. That's a pretty hipster thing to say but I recommend you try out the rest of his EP for yourself to see what I mean.

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