Sunday, October 13, 2013

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

So far, I've been very pleased with the direction this band has been going ever since I stumbled upon them. The music has some great transitions, irresistible energy, and good use of vocal variations. It's making me pumped for their new album coming out this month. I like the consistent visuals they've been having since "KiLLiNG ME". Little hints of color here and there within the black and white scheme, then the prominent red and blue in the appropriate places.

For some reason, I'm always afraid this band is gonna fall off the face of the earth, so when they release something I'm always overjoyed. This has a simple concept similar to their "HIGH FIVE!!" PV by still being entertaining and a window to the members' personalities. Also similar to that song is the energy and uptempo melody that makes it easier to get into. I'm really looking forward to their next CD release.

"Shuuei" by Mejibray
With every release this band has had, I've been progressively more and more impressed with the material they come up with. I never thought I would enjoy this band so much, but I'm happy that I gave them a chance despite my feelings toward VanessA. Despite my dislike for a bit of the color filter choices, I really like the simple, band centric visuals that match the mood of the music. I like the quiet tone of Tsuzuku's voice, the guitar solo is amazing, and the bass/drum combo blows my mind. I'm really hoping and praying that this band doesn't lose it's momentum and fall in the visual traps like the GazettE.

"N.O" by BTS
I am absolutely in love with this group right now. Not to cause any feuds with comparisons, but I think this group brings the initial attitude of B.A.P with an inspirational and much needed messages that were laced in H.O.T's lyrics. This video has a nice balanced visual concept without being overly hip-hop, even the music fits that. The visuals are slick and naturally switch from the story of seven students to the choreography scenes, which is well pulled together. The vocal delivery is both powerful and encouraging. Even though Block B has returned to the scene, I'm really looking forward to more of these boys, but I don't want them to overwork themselves like their predecessors B.A.P.

"False Hope" by Song Ji Eun
I'm not a Secret fan and the only solo song I've heard is "Going Crazy", which is quite good. Somehow I totally forgot that I've heard her amazing voice before, but in a way, it was a good thing because I am easily blown away by her impressive range. The visuals are quite simple. It has a balance between artistic, symbolic, and typical R&B. I really like the bold color palette and the storyline doesn't feel forced. The song is really beautiful and emotion filled, especially with the acoustics.

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