Saturday, April 5, 2014

Promo: BNR

[from left to right] Heo In Chang and Master Key

Here's a little secret about these promo posts. I have a list of artists and bands that I feel should receive more attention and, obviously, BNR made it on my list after listening to their second mini-album, Irreversible. While trying to gather information about the group for this post, I ran into a few dead ends, which means that there isn't much information on this group. Brand New Radio, or BNR, debuted in October 2010. They released their first mini-album, Purple Sunset, the following year and a promotional video with labelmates Lyn and Verbal Jint. In March 2012, BNR released a single called Gone Crazy After Crying and Laughing and the following year, their second mini-album, Irreversible, was released. Of course, there have been miscellaneous collaborations with labelmates here and there as well.

Unfortunately, I can't really comment on Purple Sunset and "Gone Crazy After Crying and Laughing" due to the fact that I couldn't find it anywhere. Although, watching their first music video was quite lovely and comparing it to the video I first saw from them, "Did not say anything", was a nice step in the right direction in the duo's sound and visuals. Irreversible is an amazing mini-album and I highly highly recommend you guys check it out. I'm assuming their first release was just as good. BNR combines R&B and hip-hop together like their labelmates Verbal Jint and Phantom, but maintain their own unique sound. So, obviously I want you, my lovely followers, to check out BNR and I hope they continue creating more amazing music.

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