Monday, April 7, 2014

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Spellbound" by DBSK
Compared to the overproduced "Something", I enjoy this song and video way more. It still has that fun jazzy sound and keeps the theme of that gangster era. Sorry, I can't think of the proper label for it. Sure, this is more choreography focused, but it's still amazing in its simplicity. The choreography is sleek and synchronized. The box set is simple and fits the tone of the song. Although, it is too illuminated in places. It was nice that they borrowed their one-shot techniques from EXO's "Growl" for this video, but the awkward zooms are a little distracting at times. Fortunately, it doesn't take away too much from the overall entertainment factor of this video.

"2 On (Explicit)" by Tinashe feat. SchoolBoy Q
I first heard about this video (and Tinashe) through a post on Arcadey. I queued it up on my YouTube watch list and when I got around to watching the video, I surprisingly really enjoyed it. The music is very minimalistic and doesn't really offer anything new to the genre, especially since a lot of artists are using the same elements in their crappy songs. What makes it enjoyable is Tinashe's voice. It's confident and smooth as silk. She's like a combination of Mya and Ciara. I really enjoyed watching her dance. Unfortunately, SchoolBoy Q's "contribution" is unbearable. It ruins the mood with dumb sexual lines, but Tinashe's Sean Paul reference made things happier for me. Looking forward to listening to more of her music in the near future.

"Turn Down for What" by DJ Snake & Lil' Jon
Oh. My. God! This is the most ridiculously awesome thing I have ever seen and heard. I never thought I missed Lil' Jon so much, but I forgot how much energy he brings to such a simplistic, bass driven beat. The video is crazy. Literally. Nothing makes sense at all. Yet I can't help but grin like a crazy person and revive all the crunk from the early 2000s in my living room. I'm surprised I haven't heard this everywhere. This is the greatest thing ever, people! Make it happen. #MikosGraduationAnthem

"The Worst (Explicit)" by Jhene Aiko
I'm glad I checked out this video, because I've ignored for years after debuting with her cousin, I believe, on a B2K album. Whoa. Her voice is absolutely beautiful. Without watching the video, you can feel the conflict, pain, and desperation through her voice. The video has a simple story that vaguely tells you what happened. It matches the subtle dark tone of the music with the horror-like camera angles, unstable effects, and darkened color tones. Forgive me, Jhene, for ignoring you for all these years. I'm gonna listen to your new album real soon.

"Mr.Mr." by SNSD
It pains me to admit that...I actually genuinely like this song and the video is surprisingly good. It's a different look or at least concept I've seen from them. Please don't try to argue that with me either. The song is subtly earwormy and has an easy electro-pop beat. It might sound a little droney, but the high vocals lighten it enough that the song doesn't end up in the gutter. It has a deceively sweet tone to the vocals and even in the imagery, but it also has a tiny dark undertone. Something that makes it feel that this song isn't as sweet and cute as it seems. Despite my praise and repeat abuse for this song, I still don't see myself falling for SNSD's "charm".

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