Sunday, October 5, 2014

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"H.E.R" by Block B
It's proving that Block B's label move has been a very positive one. They just seem! This video is proof. I always thought this group was pretty lovable. They can naturally switch between bad boys to completely cutie goofballs. This song and video is the definition of fun. It also provides the statement that there isn't just one standard of beauty, which the group has stated in interviews. They just care about her and getting close to her and appreciating her. If this video and song doesn't make you feel good and put a smile on your face, there's something seriously wrong with you. There's so many good feelings coursing through this music video. The upbeat, funky sounds paired with the slightly saturated vibrant colors and silly presentations of alter egos, styling, cartoony effects, and random set pieces instantly bring happiness and a visual treat for the eyes.

"Dress Up" by Boys Republic
Another music video appreciating all types of ladies out there, no matter what style you wanna rock. I think this group doesn't receive enough appreciation in the scene. I think they're very talented and easy to enjoy. So far, everything I've heard I've liked and wanted even more from them. Seeing this video made me happy. Looking at the title of the song, I was a little worried of the potential message the lyrics could be sending, then I read them and it made me proud to be supporting them. Sure, this video could easily fall in the cutesy pastel videos of boy aegyo, but it's not sickeningly forced in your face, plus it has some contrast in the bold electric colors of the club scene. Another feel good music video to make you smile!

"Blossom Tears" by Leo (VIXX) & LYn
Normally, I would avoid these individual songs with a female partner because they're usually typical drama OST ballads that bore me to death, but since it's Leo and I love VIXX, I gave it a try. I regret nothing. Leo's vocals are probably the strongest in the group, which are really showcased in this duet with LYn. His voice and talent reminds me of Big Bang's Daesung. Paired with LYn, their voices go together very well. While the music has elements of those typical drama OSTs, it has a strong string, bass, and drum section that makes it pop more, but at the same time doesn't drown out their voices. The video is pretty interesting as well. I like story MVs and Leo delivers some impressive acting to emphasis the lyrics of the song. Bust out the tissues and enjoy this 4 minute drama with not so typical drama music.

"Body Language" by San E feat. Bumkey
[19+ Warning]
Every time San E releases something, I immediately get hyped, because it's always something fresh and entertaining. I think another video that promised to be 19+ was released around this time this video came out, but didn't quite deliver that rating. This video does. There is so much sexual innuendo, but that's not surprising when it comes to San E and the genre he's in. The visuals aren't in your face or obnoxiously sexual. It maintains that balance of San E's personality of confidence, sensual, pervy, and playful. So, you get some nice eye candy and good laughs. Also the music matches that same tone with the help of the fabulously talented Bumkey. San E made a good decision of abandoning JYP to break out into his own thing, because I don't think he could've released something this risqué.

"My Copycat" by ORANGE CARAMEL
Not that big of a fan of ORANGE CARAMEL. They're too cutesy for my taste, but I will admit that I thought "Catallena" presented a very fun and creative concept that I can't see any other girl group giving Korea. This song is very jazz funk with some great saxophone melody and a catchy pop tune to entice you to start dancing along with the girls. The visuals are, like "Catallena", very fun and creative. It brings back childhood memories of playing those spot the differences in magazines and newspapers as well as a bit of "Where's Waldo?" or "I Spy". As random as everything looks, it somehow makes sense with this concept and upbeat music that simply loops over and over again. Also thought their "sexy" shirts were very clever, especially with the plight of restricting sexy concepts for girl groups.

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