Saturday, April 4, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"For the Night" by As One
I don't remember how I came across this video at all, but I'm glad that I did. It has a very sexy, sensual R&B beat and some very beautiful, soft vocals from the duo. It's always refreshing to hear really good sensual vocals from a female singer, since it's usually overly cutesy or sexy. It definitely has that throwback 90's sound. As for the video, it really matches the tone of the music and goes very well the lyrics. I love when Korea takes a risk with their sexuality without being too vulgar (or awkward) about it. It's very consensual, romantic, and enticing. I'm looking forward to delving further into this duo's discography and checking out more video releases. The vocals are too sweet to pass up!

"MISS ME OR DISS ME" by MC MONG feat Jinsil (Mad soul child)
I'm not that big of a fan of MC MONG, but I was curious by the thumbnail. It kinda reminds me of G-Dragon's "COUP D'ETAT" in the visuals. The song is kinda upbeat, mostly in the guitar section. It's borderline danceable, but the rap and vocal delivery contradict that feeling of good times to desperation and pain. The lyrics are really deep and worth turning on the subtitles for. The visuals are absolutely stunning and artistic. It kinda matches the tone of the lyrics by displaying that struggle, uncertainty, and frustration.

"U" by John Park
I've heard some really good things about John Park and I tried watching "Falling", but I really wasn't feeling it. It had a very airy indies sound and the visuals were interesting. In this song, it has more of a UK pop influence to it, which catches my attention a little more than "Falling". It has a great piano melody and his vocal delivery display a very confident strength and determination. He has a great range throughout the song and the chorus is memorable. The visuals have a great balance of disturbed and artistic as the actors interact with each other and John Park sings to us and partially observes the actors in his own scenes. I'm glad I gave this video a chance.

"NOnsenSe MARkeT" by MERRY
Like Dir en grey, I think MERRY's music releases are spaced out fairly well. It gives the fans some time to appreciate and reflect on their previous releases. I enjoy the gap. With this latest track, I was very happy to see them make something new and they always bring some pretty inventive and smart ideas to the table with their videos. I was pleased to see that an English caption option was available, which makes me enjoy the song even more. The song maintains the band's signature sound while still being fresh to the ears. The video concept is amusing and fits the content of the lyrics while at the same time having fun with it. Lastly, kudos to Tetsu for powering through the shooting of this PV with a neck injury. I hope he's doing better now.

"Aware and Awake" by coldrain
I know band centric videos can be kinda basic, but some can be fairly interesting. This is one of them. There's really not much to it, but the cinematography and editing are top notch. The blue hues, lighting, and water effects are just enough to elevate the band's performance and they occasionally interact with these elements which makes it all the more interesting to watch. The song is very energized! It's everything I expect from coldrain and more. They always keep their sound, but make that sound refreshing and addictive.

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