Thursday, April 30, 2015

Promo: 365DaBand

[no particular order] Will, Isaac, S.T, and Jun
|Official Facebook|

Similar to my promotion post for BNR, I ran into a few dead ends finding information about this group. Originally 365daband was a quintet from Vietnam that debuted in December 2012. Each member had a very unique style to them: Isaac - cool man, Jun - Family boy, Tronie - Charming Prince, Will - Rebel, and ST - kiddo. What makes this boyband unique is that their musical style is a mixture of pop, R&B, and hip-hop. Their debut single is Awakening and they are one of Vietnam's most popular boy groups. I was first introduced to them by a friend when he shared the video for "Get On the Floor", which kinda reminded me of something MBLAQ would produce.

This is probably a slightly unusual promotional post for me as I really don't actively keep up with this group very often. I still enjoy the group and, for this post, I have watched more of their videos including their most recent one from December 2014 called "HAI CÔ TIÊN". I probably should look into updating their musical catalogue in my iTunes library, but for now I'll continue to jam to The Love Box [especially "I Let You Down"]. I'm very grateful for my friend introducing me to this group as I don't listen to Vietnamese music at all and they are quite a talented bunch. I hope that they will continue to make awesome music and keep pushing forward after their member lost.

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