Sunday, September 20, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Zero For Conduct" by BASTARZ
I was really curious how this Block B sub-unit would go and I was happy my other favorite member from the group was getting more face time. The video has a very tough and mature style to it, but still maintains that fun energy that Block B is known for in their songs and videos. The choreography is both fun and a bit aggressive and their delivery matches that. I enjoy the dark and slightly neon color scheme throughout the video. I hope this isn't a one shot effort either, because I had a fun time watching this trio.

"Crazy" by Infinite H feat. Sanchez (Phantom)
I was a little surprised to see this duo releasing a follow up mini-album, but I was happy about it (especially since I'm very fond of Dongwoo). This is definitely a more mature direction compared to their debut as a duo. I enjoy the R&B vocal arrangement mixed with the slightly minimalistic beat and trap sounds. Sanchez's vocals effortlessly work very well with theirs. They picked the right person to take care of the chorus and bridge. As for this nearly black and white video, it has some great dramatic moments with the members individually in their own scenes and even together. The choreographed shots don't seem disruptive of the slight story either and it's no surprised that it's cleanly executed.

Old school kpop fans might recognize this iconic duo and some now might know them more for their appearance on Show Me the Money 4. I have heard of them before, but I've never listened to their music. Even now, this is really the only song I've heard by them and only because I heard it had lots of American hip-hop visuals in it. The music video kinda presents a game, for me, to see how many of these visual musical moments I recognize from each year like Run DMC and Puff Daddy and Ma$e. The song is pretty enjoyable as well, following the visuals by mixing different musical elements from different eras of music into the song. Easily fun and danceable for sure!

Since getting into this band this year, I just assumed all their videos would be colorful and full of fun. This video is quite the opposite. It's dark, cooky, and almost a bit unsettling visually. The song is quiet, cool, and sounds like something you could listen to around Halloween time. The vocal delivery is very calm and confident, while the music is smooth and laid back. Apparently, this is the theme for the Attack on Titan movie, which I heard is terrible, but hearing this song, it seems too mellow to be a theme to anything, especially Attack on Titan, but I could be wrong. I simply enjoy this band and their unexpected and sometimes unusual videos and music.

"Speed and Friction" by amazarashi
I really like the opening theme to Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace and the music video is just as mesmerizing and chaotic as the song. It's an unusual concept, having a girl dance in a bathroom stall while the lyrics of the song light up around her. It's like an interpretive dance in places or even an act of possession, but it works very well with the distress and panic of the song. As I said, very mesmerizing. I enjoy the rough vocals of the song and the various transitions of the music quieting, exploding, and bouncing about chaotically.

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