Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Quick Movie Review

Ant-Man (2015, USA) | Rating: 4.5/5

Out of all the superhero/comic book movies coming out this year, I would have to say that Avengers: Age of Ultron would be #1. This one would be second. I don't know anything about Ant-Man, but I just blindly go into these movies expecting a good time and...I had a great time! This movie is very entertaining and has plenty of laughs. It even ties into the latest Avengers movie as well. I'm hoping there will be a sequel and we're able to witness Ant-Man interact with the other Avengers. The actors are very enjoyable and the visuals are perfection, as usual. Of course, my consistent complaint with these individual spotlight Marvel films...the weak villains. Although, I have to admit that there was a little something to this one, but still weak. I don't know what's going on, Marvel Studios.

What We Do in the Shadows (2014, New Zealand) | Rating: 4.5/5

Only hearing about this movie by name, I didn't know much about it, but a somewhat new horror critic Nightmare Maven has given it a positive review. I will just add onto the positivity and say that this was a very entertaining movie. I had no idea what to expect, but if you enjoy vampires and a bit of the supernatural mixed with mockumentary style filming, then you'll really enjoy this. The characters are entertaining and hilarious and it's simply just fun seeing these thousands of years old vampires living and interacting in the 21st century. There's not much I can say about this movie without giving anything away, so I'll simply say this: I highly recommend this comedic mockumentary vampire flick. There's great humor and plenty of roommate shenanigans to enjoy!

Hobo With a Shotgun (2011, Canada) | Rating: 4/5

If you enjoy Canadian B-movies, this is perfect for you! I've had a conversation about this movie with a friend, along with the ridiculous movie Rubber that I still have to watch, and I was expecting to have a fun time with this one. And...I did! This is definitely one of those it's bad in a good way. Low budget, over the top actors, and plenty of unrealistic gore and violence. I thoroughly enjoyed myself each minute that passed, while watching this movie. The plot was definitely not what I expected in areas, but it made me enjoy our main characters and his fight to bring justice to the city!

Cut Bank (2014, USA) | Rating: 2.5/5

I saw the preview for this movie in another movie and the trailer made the story seem interesting. Unfortunately, the great cast sans Liam Hemsworth didn't save the loose ends and slightly messy or even try hard execution. The characters are interesting enough to keep you watching, but some information and situations that happen it seems either awkward or incomplete. The most entertaining part of the movie is watching Derby Milton look for his "p-p-parcel". He's definitely my favorite character in the whole movie, but this small town just feels like it needs more secrets and commit to them more seriously. Overall, the movie could be better, but it isn't terrible in the least. The movie tries to be something that it's not with some ambition, but stumbles across the finish line.

Maggie (2015, USA) | Rating: 3/5

A movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and zombies sounds like a win-win to most people, but this isn't a high action shoot 'em up movie like most people would think. I didn't think that myself, anyway. This is a drama piece with some serious acting from Schwarzenegger. It's a different side from him that I've never seen from him compared to other movies in the past which range from sci-fi action and family comedies from the 90s. Yeah, I haven't really watched anything new from the Austrian action star. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this simple movie of a family dealing with a neurotic disease that's turning their daughter into a mindless human flesh eater. It definitely hits a reality in some ways, trying to keep the humanity in tact to a loved one who's turning into a "monster". It's no Academy Award winning film, but it is a sympathetic and enjoyable contribution to "zombie" movies. Give it a chance with an open mind.

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