Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Four Short Anime Reviews

Noragami (2014)/Noragami Aragato (2015)
Genre: Action/Comedy

I went to check out this show purely off the review from Arkada of Glass Reflection. I'm glad that I did as well. This cool show full of gods and their battles with the phantoms of mankind's negative mentalities was extremely entertaining! The mystery behind who Yato is as the calamity god that no one knows brought a lot of neat action scenes along with a fun romp through the city with his odd jobs in order to gain more followers. Plus the relationships he gains through his accidental half-phantom friend, Hiyori, and his teenage regalia (weaponized partner-in-justice), Yukine, brought many of the laughs as well as tension. The world that these seasons built gave an interesting one to delve into and learn about as the hierarchy is structured and dangers of multi-named Nora spirits. If you enjoy a good short shonen series, I recommend it!

Ping Pong: The Animation (2014)
Genre: Sports

This one has always been on my "To Watch" list since I heard it recommended by Gigguk. I heard that once you get used to the art style of the show, you really can get into the characters and it's true. You really get a quick dive into the world of competitive ping pong in the journey of childhood friends Peco & Smile. The viewpoints of having the natural talent and actually caring about using your gifts prove how your efforts can be rewarded. You get attached to the characters quickly as they all have their quirks whether calculated & emotionless to fun spirited & cocky. If you like this genre of show, this quick 11 episode journey is a fun one to digest.

 Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple (2006)
Genre: Action/Comedy

Kenichi was a show introduced to me by my friend a while back and I remembered enjoying it thoroughly, so I decided to rewatch it in my sick bed since I had the time to sit through the 50 episode count. This show follows the journey of Kenichi who grew up as a cowardly boy, but after seeing a girl stand her ground against some street thugs decides to stop running from his own fights. This girl, Miu, befriends him and brings him to the legendary dojo, Ryouzanpaku, and its fearsome masters. There he trains in each masters' respective style from Muy Thai & Karate to Kenpo & Jiujitsu, while Kenichi becomes a target of a gang called Ragnarok. You follow his growth as a martial artist collecting friends and the respect of his peers with laughs and exciting battles. Definitely a shonen classic to me!

Steins;Gate (2011)
Genre: Mystery/Drama

Steins;Gate is a favorite of a friend of mine who referred me to it earlier last year. After watching it, I knew how it could be his favorite and later how other online reviewers recommended it. Being another show I could relive while sick recently, I gave this another go to see what new things I could catch. This little time travel tale had me dying of laughter and provoked with thought as I tried to piece together the conundrums of this group of friends who wrestle with the nuances of world lines. The invention of Future Gadgets Lab's time machine led by Rintarou Okabe chronicles how they can get to work, how they use it, and what it all leads to brings an emotional rollercoaster that anyone can enjoy. Once you get a taste of each member of the crew's eccentricities and how those dynamics play with each other, you won't get enough of their relationships and struggles to keep them throughout their troubles to reach the hallowed Steins;Gate!

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