Saturday, April 2, 2016

Promo: Linkoban

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Linkoban is a Danish, Chinese, and Vietnamese grime rapper that combines rap and electronic elements together in her music. She has a very experimental and visually unique sound that makes her stand out from a lot rappers, including her colorful style, long limbs, and waist length black hair. It wasn't until "Like This" [possible seizure warning for the video below] from her debut EP, Super Into On It, that she was massively recognized on Danish, Swedish, and BBC radio stations. Pop legend Boy George praised the single and fashion designer Stella McCartney used it for her Paris runway. This lead Linkoban to perform at various festivals around Europe and a brief series of underground concerts in China, since she was banned from performing for her explicit lyrics.

I want to say that I ran into Linkoban on a now defunct blog called The Prophet Blog, but I could be wrong. It has been quite a long time. The first video I saw was either "Like This" or "Super Into On It". She definitely has a very experimental sound that I don't see a lot of people getting into immediately. She's like M.I.A or Bjork, an acquired taste. That's not an insult, just fact. I enjoy all three artists, but their experimental, hard to categorize sound can be off putting to mainstream ears. Of course, this factor makes them stand out from the mainstream and catch people's eyes with the visual promotions. From video to video, Linkoban provided something new, fresh, and exciting. One example is her music video for "One Trick Pony", which took me a couple re-watches to fully appreciate the visuals and musical combination. As I write this, I recently learned that Linkoban unfortunately passed away on February 17, 2016, after a one and a half year battle against cancer. I'm sure this promo doesn't serve her musical career and passion as a grime rapper properly, but I hope it helps spread awareness of her talent and innovation as an artist. Her last music video release was two years ago for "Oh Oh" and her last single was "Hide the Dirt", which are both great progressions in her music that kept her quirky style, odd artistic elements, and charming grime. Rest in Peace, Linkoban.

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