Friday, April 22, 2016

Quick Movie Review

The Perfect Guy (2015, USA) | Rating: 3/5

Much like No Good Deed, this movie seemed very cliched and nothing new for black cinema. I wasn't all that interested in seeing this movie in theaters and the only reason I would want to would be to stare into Michael Ealy's beautiful, light colored eyes. Despite my boss spoiling a somewhat major plot point, I surprisingly enjoyed myself more than No Good Deed; granted that the movie overall wasn't anything astounding in the least. Nonetheless, it wasn't a terrible movie or anything. Things are quite predictable for the most part, minus that little spoiler, but things with Ealy's character almost goes from zero to a hundred like The Boy Next Door, but less laughable. Don't know if it's bias or not as Ryan Guzman was great eye candy, but Michael Ealy's experience shines a little brighter than Guzman's Noah character. I just believe him as more of a threat in comparison, in other words. The movie was an entertaining experience and did what The Boy Next Door wish it did as of tone and concept. I would probably put this on the same enjoyment level as another obsessive Idris Elba movie, Obsessed, which had its flaws and cliches, but was still fairly enjoyable.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015, USA) | Rating: 3/5

I'm not sure if I watched this before or after Cooties, but here's another comical zombie apocalypse movie. Although, I believe this one made it to the theater; I vaguely remember seeing the poster for it here. It wasn't anything I was anxious to see on the silver screen, so obviously I waited for the DVD release as it didn't look all that spectacular. Watching it at home proved my expectations...for the most part. It is quite silly, but it does have some laughs despite some of the perverted humor either fell flat or was overdone. I liked the main character and his romantic interest as they fight through the zombies and keeps his duties as a scout. I can see not a lot of people enjoying as much as say Zombieland, but I liked it more than another certain zombie comedy I will review later. In short comparison, I enjoyed Cooties more as it delivered more successful laughs than this one, but this movie wasn't terrible with its content or comedy.

Goodnight Mommy (2014, Austria) | Rating: 4/5

Looking at the cover of this movie, I thought this would be some cheesy straight to video American horror flick, but surprisingly it ended up being a surprisingly chilling Austrian flick. When I pick up these random horror movies at work and expect a funny time with a bad or cheesy movie, it makes me happy when they end up being remarkably good. When you go into this movie, don't be fooled by the trailer and think you're going to be immediately scared out of your skin or anything. No, this is a suspense builder that'll keep you thinking what's going on with these twins and their mother who may be someone else entirely. Throughout the movie, I tried to predict the conclusion of this, which in this case was a fun ordeal. Sometimes it can be just a fun thing to do to keep a bad movie (or show) exciting, but I genuinely was curious to know what the hell was happening. The twins were very convincing and I felt every bit of pain and struggle they experienced with each other and their mother. The cinematography is stunning and the story definitely keeps you on edge with the help of visual and audio atmosphere. The conclusion will either surprise you or mock you, but I felt a mix of surprise and a little sadness (in a good way). I definitely recommend this film for those who need a little foreign suspense in their life or those who simply enjoy that chilling feeling of the uncertain.

War Room (2015, USA) | Rating: 3.5/5

It's another rare religious movie moment! Yeah, I still don't watch too many of these, but this one is one I'm happy I took the time in seeing. I didn't know what to expect with this one, but I ended up enjoying it quite a lot. I even claimed that it's one of the best religious movies I've seen, out of the small handful. It does have a bit of cliched Tyler Perry-esque broken relationship story, but the part of the story that deals with Elizabeth and Miss Clara are the scenes that shine the most for me. Seeing these two women interact and learn from each other brings a smile to my face. Thinking about it now, I do recognize the flaws in this movie and it seems like this is a common thing that occurs in these Christian films. Elizabeth's marriage problems and Tony's relationship with his daughter seemed very contrived and not very well executed. The humor is a bit hit or miss, but at least the writer(s)' attempt to keep the jokes somewhat realistic as Elizabeth feels like someone I could meet in the real world. Also the end segment with Miss Clara's "call to arms" prayer kinda made me a bit...uncomfortable. I'm all about the power of prayer and everything, but it seemed like too much. It didn't feel natural I suppose. I understood what they were going for, but it just went a little overboard. Lastly, the conclusion of the Jordan family's story really stretches reality, but tries not to make it happy happy. Honestly, if you treat this like the better Tyler Perry movies and don't think too deeply on the marriage situation and focus on the message the movie tries to convey, I think it was a successful and even inspiring film.

A Hard Day (2014, South Korea) | Rating: 4/5

If you've been here for a while, you've noticed I've watched quite a few Korean action films and I tend to have high expectations of the content. Of course, like any genre, it can be hit and miss. With such an inconsistent track record in my selection, I guess my expectations have lowered over time a little, but for the most part, South Korea tends to deliver some good quality action films. Watching this movie, I didn't know what direction it would go, but the end result was definitely positive. Our main character Go Geon-soo has some charming, anti-hero personality traits. You like him enough to root for him against the enemy, but you dislike him a little for his unethical police habits that make him a bit untrustworthy at times. There was plenty of action in this cat and mouse chase and a surprise mixture of humor that kept me even more entertained. I never seen humor like this incorporated in a South Korean action film, so that made me very happy. Sometimes, South Korea, you don't have to be so serious with your action flicks.

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