Monday, March 20, 2017

Fair Shake Review: Nightride - Tinashe

Nightride - Tinashe
(Genre: Contemporary R&B/Trap R&B)

Tinashe was introduce to me by our cult leader, Miko, way back when "2 On" was on the verge of being a smash hit. I was enamored by her style ever since. It carried a cool, confident attitude similar to Aaliyah & Ciara and maintained a voice of her own. After some research, I found that she writes and co-produces much of her material at the time and that was another impressive aspect I found in her artistry. Therefore, Aquarius was my first exposure to a full Tinashe experience and I was left pleased. Her follow up mixtape, Amethyst, seemed to lean more toward the side of Aquarius that didn't interest me though. Regardless, the singles leading up to Joyride/Nightride concept did keep me captivated.

Nightride is the first to arrive to the fans, providing more of the dark, atmospheric mood music Amethyst delivered with a little more polish. That didn't prevent it from experimenting more with the limits of the R&B as songs like "Soul Glitch", "You Don't Know Me" , & "Spacetime". Her lyrics on this project poetically deals with themes such as moving on after a bad relationship, her own convictions, & her will to fight for love. Yet a few songs can bring some groan-worthy lines, for example boys "steaming like ramen soup" on "Party Favors". The tracks all still fit well together with a few short interludes, including the odd "Binaural Test".

The trap infused R&B production of the project definitely provides the soundtrack for a ride through night, smoking optional. For my personal taste, I have to be in a certain mood for this style which hinders its replay value for me. But I do have some I return to often like "Soul Glitch" & "Spacetime" that expand on the sound trap rap has popularized and have interesting vocal performances. My absolute favorite would have to be "Touch Pass" that has such a infectious beat and gives off a Janet Jackson vibe.

For people into artists like Frank Ocean, late Rihanna, & Bryson Tiller, I would recommend giving this a listen. With this project, Tinashe definitely went for a particular R&B aesthetic that a few others are playing around with that they haven't lyrically been as proficient at, save for Frank Ocean. It just doesn't suit my taste as much, though the execution is notably on point objectively. The singles, "Ride of Your Life", "Party Favors", & "Company" I believe are perfect club bangers and the album cuts provide the depth to warrant a purchase for those into this style. Tinashe is set to release the second half, Joyride, this year, though and it's proposed to adopt more of her pop sensibilities. So in conclusion, I must say her voice & writing will continue to have me make the "Sacrifices" to check her out in the future.

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