Friday, March 3, 2017

Fair Shake Review: Christ Crunken Commentary - Brail

Christ Crunken Commentary - Brail
(Genre: Hip Hop/Rap/R&B)

Brail is a artist from my hometown that I've been a fan of since his first project in 2006. He's a versatile musician that sings, raps, and produces across many styles of hip hop, R&B, and pop music. This alone has made him one of my favorite artists, but add the fact that his content has been curse word free (except the "N" word) through majority of his discography is the cherry on top. This is due to his more Christian-minded approach to songwriting, & it's delivered in a way that isn't too preachy to the average listener. Over the past few years since his last album, Brand New: The Director's Cut, released in 2012, he's only released songs sporadically over the net. The announcement of a full-length project was welcome news to fans like myself who patiently waited for the next collection of tunes we could financially support. Christ Crunken Commentary is that album.

CCC is an EP that's goal is to provide music that you can bang to without the idiocy of current hip hop. Hence the production, primarily done by Brail himself, ranges from club bangers, contemporary R&B, trap rap, & dance pop. This broad range of beats match the content that covers how to use catchy music, pursuing true love, taking action against social ills, living a Christ-like life & much more. What's fascinating about the project is not only how it covers so many topics, but how seamlessly he brings them together in the listening experience. Even the featured artists never detract from the playlist as they fit comfortably into each song's themes.

"Waddle" being one of the first official singles speaks on how past experiences with alcoholism affected his opinion of drinking and the environments it can create. Another single "Old School Love" featuring Lindsey Alderman showcases the most soulful vocals about searching for a more mature love than most pop songs would ever discuss. The use of skits like "Handle with Care" & "Reading" invite interest in their following song's topic like the use of the N-word and the positive influence of reading, respectively. Also songs like "All Around the World" lay down an infectious groove, through the help of the Daft Punk sample, encouraging the listeners about the benefits of Christian life from his own experience.

All of these songs are presented with a strong, yet respectful tone that could be a little offsetting, but I believe most people would be able to turn on and play it from start to finish without complaint. I, personally, couldn't love it more with the album truly embracing it's namesake: Christ, Crunk, and Commentary. For example, "Make Me" being a personal dedication to God, "Jump Jeans" praising the womanly figure, & "Frienemies" providing an urgent message to communities to aid each other to do better. I highly recommend this to anybody, because I assure you that there will be at least a few tracks that will be your jams. Brail's talent is undeniable and I must say that heaven-sent gift is a treat for the world of music to enjoy.

If you're feeling Brail:
Christ Crunken Commentary (Intro) (Commercial-like skit)
Jump Jeans (Three Hops, Three Hops...and it's on tonight!)
Old School Love (Like you ain't never had)
Tup Tim Thai (Watch me dance to this!)
Brail Live at the Boobie Trap (The last show I personally saw)
15 Minutes (Brail Live in Spain)
Let's Move (The Berklee Version of the Brand New hit)
Let it B (Live Performance at Berklee Spain)

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Brail Watson said...

Thank you so much for this review! I think you summed up the project even better than I could!