Thursday, August 19, 2010


[2010.07.04] House of Blues in Houston, TX
featuring: Miyavi

People tried to start some chanting/clapping thing, but it never really caught on like most lives. There was a little bit of idiotic screaming when nothing really worth screaming for happened. I gave a quick survey of the fans in the room. A few fans with glow sticks and other accessories waited above us in the balcony and the crowd in the pit had a good spread out for breathing room, even during the show! One reason I love Houston shows!

The lights changed and signaled the fans to burst out with shouts and cheers as the drummer came across the stage in his shorts. My friends and I agreed he needed to burn those things or at least get a tan on his legs...something! He settled in his seat and soon Miyavi came out in the slight darkness getting us pumped. He started off with "Survive" and everyone immediately became involved with the music. We were in sync and gave Miyavi everything we had. So, a brief break to throw in unofficial setlist which might have some missing songs, who knows, and it's definitely not in order:
Kimi ni Funky Monkey Vibration
My name is
Ekisentorikku Otona Yamai
Kimi ni Negai wo
Are you ready to ROCK?
Sakihokoru hana no you ni -Neo Vizualizm-
Subarashikikana, kono sekai -WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD-
Super Hero
Shouri No V-Rock
Ossan Ossan Ore Nanbo

Alright, this might be a little scattered, but bear with me here. Of course, Miyavi's English has been gradually improving, but he still does that fast mumbling thing that Toshiya has a problem doing in Japanese. I'm guilty of it too. So, he would always say the name of the tour really fast and mumbly, but everything else was pretty easy to understand if you're used to non-native speakers speaking in English. Since I'm talking about his English skills, I guess I'll start with his MCs. We've concluded that Miyavi had the f-bomb English course where Japanese people always say "fuck" in nearly every sentence for emphasize. I find it amusing, but there's probably someone who finds it unnecessary and dumb. He introduced the two men accompanying him on stage. I think the drummer was named Noodle and he did a little awesome solo and then there was Bobo on keyboard and the mixing board. Miyavi picked on him a lot toward the end half of the show.

"Sexy, sexy boi. Sexy boi who like boy. *chuckles*"

I was very pleased that this batch of fans had the common courtesy of being quiet when need be and when to be loud. Matsuri failcon had it's advantage of 1. variety of songs he didn't perform this time around and 2. knowing the hand motions for "BOOM HAH BOOM HAH HAH", which a few people struggled with at first, but soon got the hang of it. You can tell an artist is having fun when they want some group participation lyrically. For "Kimi ni Funky Monkey Vibration", there was a moment where Miyavi would sing "Funky Monkey" and the crowd scream every time he sung it without music backing him up. He paused and told us we were suppose to repeat him, so we tried our best no matter how crazy his voice was. From low to high and short to drawn out. He teased us and told us that we suck when we got to the high part, then he wrapped up the song. I forgot my pink bandana for "Shouri no V-Rock", but I improvised and used my newly bought tank top to replace it for swinging around. Bobo directed us as such. I really enjoyed his and the drummer's energy they brought to us. "Ekisentorikku Otona Yamai" and "Ossan Ossan Ore Nanbo" were two tracks I was surprised and happy he incorporated into his setlist. Oldies, but goodies for sure. "Are You Ready to ROCK?" seemed to be the infamous neverending track like Phantasmagoria's "Kami Uta" or Dir en grey's "Ugly". I didn't mind it and everyone else felt the same way. He played a few new tracks from his upcoming album for those of you who didn't recognize "Gravity", "Universe", or "Revenge". I'm really looking forward to it as I was kinda weary on the Kabuki Boiz era material. And since it was Fourth of July, he played a little bit of "Star Spangled Banner", I believe.

"Happy birthday, America!"

I think "Kimi ni Negai wo" is now his signature song for all serious, personal announcements. He played this song at Matsuri failcon before explaining how happy he was being there, that he was starting his own company J-Glam, his marriage to Melody., and the arrival of their baby daughter Lovelie. This time around he started off by apologizing for the cancellation and going over his previous accomplishments with the company and being a family man, then he threw in a curveball by telling us that he has another baby on the way. It seems as though we were the first to find out about this new baby before he posted it on MySpace. It was quite an honor!

"I wonder who the father is. Haha!"

Overall the energy was extremely high, from the stage to the pit to the balcony. The crowd had good behavior and responded properly to each and every song. There was passion flowing through and through and I loved every second of it! Miyavi moved around the stage evenly, giving every section a little love and making us cheer and shout. He accepted one of the signs being held in front of my group and thanked them. He constantly told us how happy he was being in Houston again and how he loves us all. I hope he makes a reappearance, because he seems to enjoy the Houston energy.

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