Monday, August 30, 2010

Rant: Top 5 Artist/Musicians That Annoy Me

5. Tokio Hotel
Before crossing over to North America to make a name for themselves, I enjoyed their music, but when they broke barriers, the madness in their rabid fandom became reality. I got to step in this reality when I saw them live in 2008 and, unfortunately, it has scarred me to never see them perform again. As I probably mentioned before, I thought Humanoid was a nice step up from the earlier work, but they gradually became less visually stimulating for me. Bill has this whole Adam Lambert style to him now and it feels like their egos have taken over everything they do. I'm not planning on see them live again for a loooooong time, but I'll still keep track of their new releases at a safe distance.

4. Yoshiki
You've seen my rants about the man, but I do have a little sympathy for him with this whole lawsuit nonsense. I just wish I could see X in Texas. C'mon! You could practically make a phrase out of that. We're the only state that has an "x" in our name, but it's okay. I just hope you guys actually go through your plan of touring at all, because you always disappoint us. Maybe new music in the future too?

3. Linkin Park
I fell so hard for you guys when you brought Hybrid Theory to stores. Your remixes were genius, your music videos were rememberable, and the follow up album Meteroa was just as great. When the hype for Minutes to Midnight was the big thing, I was so excited. I thought, "LP never fails! They only produce the best of the best!!", but I was wrong. It was good temporarily, but it was a weak album. It didn't destroy my love for them, but made a bit nervous about their experimentations. A Thousand Suns has been placed in the spotlight and it seems like fans are a little hesitant on how it will come out. The preview for "The Catalyst" has been released on YouTube with and without lyrics. I enjoyed the musical preview, but once the whole song was uploaded, it didn't immediately cling to me. So, I feel a bit torn: Do I want to trust that LP is still an amazing band or hold my tiny grudge of disappointment from their last album?

2. Dir en grey
Ah, Dir en grey...I fell in love with you about 5 years ago and things have been good. I loved your visual kei days all the way to casual style. It never was a shallow relationship between us, it was pure passion through your lyrics and harmonious melodies. Seeing you live and listening to your musical growth has made my love grow stronger for you. Your fandom has increased, your music has populated in more accessible places for your fans, and you've gain more experienced performing for your overseas fans. But somewhere last year, you lost your spark, your passion, everything myself (and perhaps other fans) truly enjoyed. The members seem bored with their music and lost that energy they've been delivering for the past decade. I was upset upon the news of them touring North America with Apocalyptica, because I want new music so much! I'm tired of the same old songs being performed, live DVD after live DVD of the same array of tracks and emotionless deliverance. I don't even expect a new PV, they've become mediocre lately anyway. I just request an album. Lock yourself up with some coffee, energy drinks, anything to get the creative juices flowing to produce some quality music!

1. Kisaki
You have surpassed Yoshiki with your musical plots and twists. You've constantly teased us with so-called "retirement" announcement, revival lives for Phanatasmagoria, spontaneous releases for the disbanded band, your love denial for Riku, and the birth of Rin consisting of former chariots members and Riku. I knew the retirement was a joke like when Jay-Z announced his and he ended up releasing a new album and such. But all the Phantasmagoria nonsense has become annoying. Either let it go or bring it back!

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