Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rant: X Japan Revival

Last month, I had the pleasure of seeing the new possible PV of an old X Japan song by the name of "Rusty Nail". This was one of the first PVs I saw when I joined the jrock fandom and marvelled at the nostaglia of old school anime glory. It was entertaining and the song immediately stuck to me. It became one of my favorite X songs. So, I was curious how this new version would play out without their late guitarist hide taking over the world with giant animated eyeballs, being a little bit older, and having Sugizo on their team.

Honestly...I laughed! I thought it was ridiculous and Yoshiki is really trying hard to put X back on the charts. I kinda admire his effort, but in the end all I can do is shake my head at every decision he makes for X and how everyone just sighs and goes along with it.

Why do I keep ragging on poor old Yoshiki? Because it's fun and he really needs to stop sometimes. It reminds me how people complain about bands experimenting with their sound and wanting thme to go back. Well, this is what happens when a band stays the same. Sure, people are excited about a new release, but it's practically the same old material with a new package and possibly a new arrangement. Then there's all this hype about "taking the U.S. by storm" with tour plans. I'm sorry, I'm not gonna get excited until plans actually followed through and see them with my own eyes on stage.

I think if Yoshiki wants to get serious about resurrecting the X Japan hype, then new material would be greatly appreciated and I don't mean the same old stuff from back in the day being re-recorded in English either. If you feel a little uncomfortable or uncertain about the idea of putting out a full album with new songs then mix it up like Seikima-II and maybe nip it in the bud if you're not completely satistfied with the direction.

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