Sunday, August 15, 2010

Live: Quaff

[2010.05.06] Fitzgerald's in Houston, TX
featuring: Quaff & Nancy Silva Project

Nancy Silva Project

Nancy Silva: Vocals & Guitar
Rai "Rai Rai" De La Cruz: Guitar
Joel "Diablo" Martinez: Bass
Jesse Avila: Drums

The Nancy Silva Project is a San Antonia based band with a female lead that doubles as guitarist. Their music kinda falls under the lines of Paramore and VersaEmerge, but they have their own original sound that makes them stand apart from the others. They had great energy and Nancy talked a little to the audience between a couple songs. Strangely, I found Rai Rai and Diablo a little intimidating in appearance, but they are decent musicians for sure. They performed a familiar cover song, that I can't place my finger on to this day. I'm also not completely familiar with their music, but I enjoyed their set list and hope to see them again later. Here's the first music video for "Letting Go":


Seiya: Vocals
Ukisemi: MC
Makito: Guitar
Takuma: Guitar
SNG: Bass & Flute
Hal: Drums

I was very pleased with their set list. They played some tracks from their Shake Your Booty! CD and their singles compilation for their tour, Unknown From Overseas. I was really happy they did a few of my favorites. They also did a new song about Osaka and Michael Jackson's "Beat It" with choreography. Ukisemi did a little storytelling in English because he is an alien and Seiya encouraged us to be happy and smile throughout the whole show. Guitar solos were awesome and poor Takuma almost hit his head with his spiky hair. SNG's flute sounded extra beautiful in person. There was also an introduction song to help us learn their names which was a lot of fun. Best part of the whole show for me was their performance of "Shake Your Booty!". It was high energy and I was one of the chosen ones to shake it with them on stage. So, here's a rough set list of the live which might have missing songs in no particular order:
Ghost Jungle
more than blue
Alien's Attack
Boots & Joker
Beautiful Way
Deep Space Network
Silent Devil
Judge Man
Love Is
Beat It (Michael Jackson cover)
Osaka (which may/may not be the title)
Place of Love
Ghost Busters theme

I really enjoyed myself during the live. There were a couple other acts that performed before Nancy Silva Project that were untalented and laughable, but aside from that I would love to see more from both of these bands. Nancy and the Quaff members were very kinda. The crowd was respectable and energized and the space was intimate. Definitely made for Quaff!

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