Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ayabie Fiasco

Originally, I was going to rant about how upset I was with the disbandment and the members excluding Aoi formed a new band and decided to name it AYABIE. But lovely Ayabie fans translated Intestu's blog and summarized everyone's input to shed some light to the fans. Hopefully, everyone has calmed down from finding out this shocking information.

I'm still surprised the band broke up as I've liked them nearly as long as I have Dir en grey (which is roughly 6 years). Ayabie and Vidoll were the indies bands that I clung to the hardest too when I got into the jrock fandom, so the announcement crushed my heart. Then I learned all of this extra information that became overwhelming and angered me; which I'm sure many other Ayabie fans felt the same. I am no longer angry. I feel a bit ashamed, but I'm back on board with supporting both parties.

For all of those who don't know the whole story, I'll be happy to clue you in. If you saw in one of my post, I was excited for the first release of Aoi's solo work and the new band the remaining members were forming. In the beginning of the year, the band was discussing leaving the label they were on. The management wanted them to do other things outside of music like acting. They didn't handle their fanclub the same as their previous indies label and were a bit controlling. In other words, Ayabie shall become a Johnny. [lol] Aoi supported the other members' decision to depart and they wanted to keep the legacy alive by keeping the name. They would be performing brand new songs and such due to legal conflicts of song ownership.

As for a finale live, they were disappointed that it couldn't happen due to their former management keeping Aoi busy with solo performances. Maybe one day they can regroup. Sadly, poor Aoi is staying with evil label, because he's just that grateful they've put up with everything, so I hope everything works well for him and AYABIE produces the true sound we've been waiting for. I'm just curious who's going to be singing for them, but this new information explains a whole lot [like music direction].

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Anonymous said...

You know I'm glad they explain it, I'm sure they were hearing the rumors and what not that came from the announcement and how fans were blaming Aoi, and didn't want Aoi to bear with that (since I'm sure the company is telling him not to comment ><;;). I believe Aoi is making a big sacrifice for the love of what ayabie was and for the other guys, by staying. I'm sure the company would have went after them if they all would have left. Its a bit sad and I knew it couldn't have been the difference between the members had on each other but of the pressure the company had on them. Its quite sad, though.