Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rant: "I Want to Leave the Band"

I'm sure we're all used to bands breaking up or even one or two members leaving, but lately nearly all the members are departing and leaving one member behind. What's going on?

First example is Ayabie. Everything seemed fine and dandy. The band went major, released some tracks, toured,did some side projects, and even made an appearance in the U.S.. Kenzo joined Karasu, then participated with a little duo project with bandmate Yumehito. Aoi also announced a little solo project that no body really thought nothing of as a lot of jrockers take on a solo project while in a successful band. Out of no where, we hear that Takehito, Yumehito, Intetsu, and Kenzo decided to depart from Ayabie and form a new band DNL. Wtf, srsly!?

Next on the list is LIX.. They're not as well known as Ayabie, because they're fairly new and still catergorized as indies. They're part of the Darkest Labyrinth/Starwave family. It was put together by former guitarist of Suicide Ali, Yuu. I loved their sound and was hoping their careers would keep building up like their labelmates. They ventured off to Europe and soon announced that everyone was leaving except their leader Yuu after their live on September 25th.

Recently, Quaff has joined the list as a message was posted on their MySpace and Facebook. Everyone decided to part from the band except band leader Makito. In their announcement, they added that there were no musical differences or anything, so I'm curious what happened to make them all leave. Even more curious on how the band will turn out once Makito recuits new members.

Nonetheless, to all the bands where the situation has occurred, I wish them the best!

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