Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top 10 Things I'm Excited About in the Music Industry

10. lynch.'s first major release
It was announced in July that the band was finally going major. I was so excited and I'm looking forward to them advancing in their work. I'm hoping they'll get more exposure and possibly make an appearance in North America.

9. D=OUT's first PS Company release
Along with BORN, this band has joined the ranks of PS Company, a jrock label noted for bands such as the GazettE, Alice Nine., and former guitarist of the label Miyavi. Some people thought it was an understandable label change for them to go under as their sound and appearance would blend in with their future labelmates. I just hope their sound will continue to progress and they are able to do bigger and better things in the future.

8. vistlip updates
At the end of July, the band was involved in a car accident and their manager Ms. Asako Sakakibara (31) was unfortunately killed. The members and two other passengers had a few minor injuries. So, I'm hoping that the band can push forward through this tough time and continue creating music for their fans. Although, it was long ago, I wish Ms. Sakakibara's family and friends the best.

7. Sizna (ex-Sugar) joining Moran
I was surprised when I found out Sugar was disbanding last year, especially after I saw them live at Oni-Con. I was even more shocked when Zill, bassist of Moran, passed away recently this year. Moran has managed to keep it together and continue spreading their love through music and Sizna occupied himself with his solo work, TIME SECTION #. The two bands were pretty close, so it was refreshing to see the talented Sizna join the remaining members of Moran. I'm very anxious to see how things work out and commend them with their future memorial live.

6. Aoi's (ex-Ayabie) solo single release & DNL's debut
Along with the passing of a couple great musicians in the jrock world, Ayabie's disbandment was a huge surprise. I wasn't worried about Aoi's solo release, since a lot of artists do it when they're in a band like Hyde, Yasu, and Kirito. When I read the news, it appeared that the other members "abandoned" poor Aoi and created a new band, DNL. I'm interested in how this band will pan out and who will be taking over the vocalist role. On the other hand, I've always admired Aoi and his vocals, so I'm looking forward to his solo work and other future projects he has planned.

5. Mikaru's (ex-Dio - distraught overlord) new band DIGRAS
Erina, former guitarist of DiO and current guitarist of VII-Sense, left the band and then the members ended up turning things around with their words and broke up earlier this year. I was disappointed, but there was an announcement of a session band with Mikaru and two other former DiO members, Ivy and Denka. Now, DIGRAS has been introduced to the public, but the only members revealed is the great demon Mikaru. I'm excited to hear his deep, erotic vocals and see who fills in the remaining positions. I hope Ivy and Denka are part of it. Definitely gonna miss Kei.

4. Nega's 5th anniversary live DVD
Recently, they have released a new album compilation of various releases and a PV collection DVD. Now they're going to share their 5th anniversary live with the world, before going on a little hiatus to recharge. Nega has jumped the charts in my heart as my favorite Under Code band, since Vidoll and 12012 graduated, Dali has been in and out of the scene, and Phantasmagoria disbanded. They've always had a solid place in my heart, but they just keep getting better and better. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

3. 2NE1's first album & overseas debut
It's been pretty quiet for the girls of 2NE1, but it was announced that they've been working on an album. It will contain their previous releases and six new songs. Along with the album announcement, they're working on debuting overseas, like Japan and the U.S. I'm really hoping they can spread their wings a little further than California so I can check them out myself.

2. Miyavi's new album release
My love for Miyavi has been a long and rough one like my relationship with Dir en grey. I haven't been purchasing most of his stuff and I wasn't too fond of the Kabuki Boiz era. After listening to his latest releases of "Survive", "Gravity", and "SuperHero", I think I'm liking this new graduated Miyavi style. Hearing the new material live, made me anticipate new releases even more. In short, I'm very excited about the album and I haven't been this excited about his releases in a long time!

1. ALSDEAD live in Texas
I believe it was last year, LM.C was suppose to be the musical guest at A-Kon 20, but due to the "outbreak" of the swine flu, they had to decline the invitation. So, Cure brought ALSDEAD on the scene with Camino on their side to perform. Unfortunately, I had to miss out on the wild performance. Now, Cure is bringing them back to Texas for a performance at SoniCon. I know a lot of people complained and went "wtf" at the announcement of the band being at a hedgehog convention, but hey! it's something.

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