Friday, December 31, 2010

Most Shocking/Disappointing/WTF JRock Moments of 2010

Luna Sea's world tour
A countdown was made for the legendary band as people were wrapped up in the X Japan hype. They soon held a conference announcing a tour around the world. Some people expected more dates and others were simply grateful for their reunion. I wish them luck on all their future endeavors and maybe one day I'll see them live.

X Japan actually goes through with their U.S. tour
It was buzz talk around the world that X was making a comeback and Yoshiki wanted to take over the U.S.. Some people shared my feelings of disbelief as X had been announcing and announcing such things and cancelling in the end. It was official after kicking things off at Chicago's Lollapalooza. Maybe their 2011 takeover will go through as well.

New bassist for Versailles
Last year, bassist Jasmine You passed away and Versailles continued to push forward with him in spirit. About a year later, it was announced that MASAHI, who was supporting the band on their world tour, became the official bassist. Now, I'm not a Versailles fan, but I was a little surprised they filled in the bassist spot. I wish them all the best!

ViViD goes major
Still considered a fresh new band to the Japanese label PS Company, especially compared to Alice Nine., Kagrra,, and the GazettE. It was surprising to hear this new band went major so quickly compared to their companion indies labelmate Screw. It still confuses me, but I wish them the best of luck and hope Screw catches up in the near future.

Mystery "new band" of Under Code
There were little teasers of a new band surrounding the label and some people hoped that the former members of Siva would be returning to Kisaki's label. It turned out to be a seemingly alter ego of the recently hiatus members of Nega. Some fans predict Nega will never return like they promised and others are optimistic on their revival and the start of PERESTROIKA's differing style. Hope the boys don't burn out balancing PERESTROIKA and Nega Enterprises.

Birth of Rin
Shortly after the announcement of all the members departing chariots, Riku immediately accepted Kisaki's invitation into a new band and let chariots become a solo project. Some people were a little skeptical and not surprised, but they didn't turn into a complete reincarnation of Phantasmagoria's style like chariots. So much for Kisaki retiring from the stage.

Dir en grey and Apocalyptica North American tour
I think someone said that Kaoru promised they were done with touring for a while or something and that this year he broke that promise. I was upset upon the announcement of their tour. Not because there were no dates any where near me, but just for the fact that they were touring at all and I'm still a bit bitter about last year's performance. People understood my feelings and wanted new music over a silly little tour that may still lack the energy and passion they had back in 2008. Honestly, if I could've gone, I would've been more excited about Apocalyptica, but I'm totally looking forward to the release of Lotus single.

QUAFF Reloaded
A note was posted on Ukisemi's Facebook that he would be departing but I didn't realize upon further investigation that everyone decided to part ways with the band as well except band leader Makito. He kept spirits high on Twitter and MySpace by announcing new Quaff members and a live with all 10 former members of Quaff in Japan.

D=OUT & born join PS Company
A lot of people were skeptical about this news. They agreed that D=OUT would fit right in with their style and sound, but were nervous about born's move over. Sadly, I was a little nervous myself as I already enjoy born's visuals and sound...mainly sound, but they released 3 consecutive mini-albums and I am pleased. I think everyone else is too. I'm looking forward to them getting bigger as well as D=OUT as long as they keep improving and not stray too far or become bland.

Vocalists with no vocals
2010 has been a bad year for vocal chords lately. Shows had to be rescheduled for D, the GazettE, Alice Nine., Kagrra,, and lynch. due to the vocalists' voices not being up to par. In between the madness, Vidoll and D'espairsRay had to announce a hiatus for Jui and Hizumi to recover from their strained and overworked chords. I hope everyone will learn to take care of their voices better and that fans are sympathetic to members' health needs.

Mar's transformation
I did not see the announcement of Marbell disbanding in March. Where was that memo JaME...Shattered Tranquility? Huh!? Anyway, I occasionally follow Mar's Ameba and noticed she had a new blog link posted as "MAA". I saw all this promotional stuff for her solo music. It was...different. A bit opposite of Marbell and I'm curious to see how this all pans out.

ClearVeil disbands
Upon their peak of popularity in the Under Code family, a surprising announcement was made to the fans that they would be disbanding. Fans were confused as the band recently released a new album and expressed future plans. For those lucky enough to see them, please support them at their revival live in Japan.

Dio - distraught overlord disbands
Things were looking good for the boys of Dio back in 2008. They released their first full length album and made their first appearance in the U.S. at Houston's Oni-Con. Then Erina announced that he would be leaving the band and the remaining members decided to keep going a little more, giving hope to the fans to stay by their side. They went through with their tour in Europe and finally called it quits after that. Erina joined VII-Sense, Kei stated he would not be returning to the stage, Mikaru started a new band Digras and the members are still unknown, Denka did a little session band with former bandmates Mikaru and Ivy, and Ivy joined Remming (that also has Lolita23q's ex-vocalist Sou). I'll miss Dio's aggressive and melodious music, but I'm still super excited to see what's going on with Digras, VII-Sense, and Remming.

Miyavi's baby announcement
On the night July 4th, Miyavi was wrapping up the second half of his world tour in North America in Houston, Texas. Soft instrumental melodies of "Kimi ni negai wo"(?) played in the background as the soloist apologized for the sudden cancellation last year and spoke of his current accomplishments: new company, new album, marriage, and the birth of Lovelie. There was a bit of a pause before he mentioned that Lovelie would have a little brother or sister soon. Fans were shocked and super supportive! He joked about who the father could be and teased the oblivious fans of the news that it could be a rumor. Toward the end of October, Jewelie Aoi Ishihara came into this world.

Plastic Tree's Ryutaro diagnosed
Unfortunately, another vocalist had to be dragged away from performing and force cancellation for a couple shows. Ryutaro visited a doctor and discovered that he was diagnosed with Guillian-Barré syndrome. It was announced today that it is treatable since they caught it early and was discharged.

Kagrra,'s "demise"
At first, I was shocked by this announcement, but after much examination and talking to a certain Kagrra, loving friend, their "demise" was clear and understandable. When reading the translation comments about their break up, it felt like they were ready to let go of their 10 years with pride. When listening to their newer material, it did feel and sound a little weak compared to their earlier releases. It was still beautiful but nothing stood out a lot. Nonetheless, I'm still sad that the beautiful and unique neo japanesque rock will end next year.

Yuusuke leaves 12012
I always thought they had a close bond, but I guess things happen and leaders leave [like Ryouhei & Erina]. I'm pretty sure everyone was surprised and worried the band might disband. A lot of fans do agree that they have had a bit of a music creativity slump, but our love for them has not faded. I hope 12012 continues on!

Ayabie disbands and regroups
Emotions flurried upon the announcement of 4 members leaving Aoi behind to form a new band and fans began to protest their new band when it was renamed AYABIE. Blame and curious emotions filled the air until translations were put up that controlling management were the real culprits for the split. So, support is still back on for Aoi's solo career and the (re)birth of AYABIE.

ALSDEAD's spontaneous cancellation
Although there were disagreements about the choice of venue, some fans still anticipated ALSDEAD's return to America. Unfortunately, for somewhat disclosed reasons, they were removed from SoniCon's site and replaced with Bowling for Soup and Peelander-Z [who didn't show up either]. I believe blogs are still in the process of being translating.

D'espairsRay's tour cancellation
After 2 years, D'espairsRay was planning on touring North America and Europe in August to the beginning of October. Unfortunately, many problems occurred that upset various Mania. Four tour dates were cancelled in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and the second New York show. Later on, one of their European shows were cut off short due to technical difficulties.

HEISEI ISHIN's disbandment & Taku's passing
I'm not really a fan of this band, but what I knew was that they recently graduated from Under Code and were working on bigger and better things. Earlier this month, it was announced that the band was ending and a couple days or so later, it was announced that Taku, the band's vocalist, passed away from unknown causes.

Vistlip's Car Accident
Earlier this year, visual kei band Gakido had a car accident and lost on their vocalists, Piyo. so hearing about another accident occurring freaked fans out. The members of vistlip and two staff members came out with minor injuries but their manager Ms. Asako Sakakibara was not as lucky. The band has been put on pause as fans sent their blessings to Ms. Sakakibara's family and friends.

Daisuke's Passing
Former drummer of Fatima and vocalist of Kagerou was known for having a heart condition, but he kept on pushing and gave every ounce of energy and love through his music despite that. After Kagerou disbanded, he became part of the studs and later announced a solo project upon the band's hiatus. It was never confirmed, but fans speculated his heart condition or a possible insomnia was the cause. Daisuke's legacy will no be forgotten and he will continue being in our hearts.

Zill's Passing
Shortly after the announcement of Daisuke's death, it was announced that Zill, bassist of Moran and former member of KuRt, passed away. The news of Zill's health was oblivious to the fans (at least oversea ones), so his passing was a shocker to us all.


Anonymous said...

You forgot Kyo going bald!!
that was a shocking moment~

Anonymous said...

The number of J-rockers falling ill is very alarming, especially since several passed away from illness. It makes the hiatuses seem very necessary.

Also, I didn't know that Peelander-Z pulled out too. That doesn't bode well for SoniCon (which apparently mediocre on the gaming side too). I am very curious about why ALSDEAD canceled, especially since they made a tour announcement shortly after.

☆★Miko Suzahiru★☆ said...

Yeah, I think Japanese men are stubborn. Don't know when to take a break. *coughs*Diru*coughs*

The gaming was a bit mediocre, but they seem optimistic about this year's third try. I dunno. Honestly, I don't think fans could handle the truth of ALSDEAD's's part of the reason I didn't post it here.

Elizabeth said...

This is an amazing list! I'm going to pimp it on my next linkage post on my blog. ^^