Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poll: Who Has the Bigger Ego?

Yoshiki and Kisaki are known for having the one of the biggest egos in the jrock industry. So, I decided to let you, my precious cult followers, choose who had the bigger ego. It was a close race and the results were neck and neck.

Looks like the followers have spoken: X Japan's own leader/workaholic/Cinderella Yoshiki! *claps* Congratulations, Yoshiki! You have the biggest ego in Japan. you think that ego can contend with Kanye West's. haha

1 comment:

PJ Brand said...

ego i think not you uneducated bitch if you knew anything about yoshiki your stupidity would be laughable why dont you try getting to know the people you go around bashing.Yoshiki is a very loving private person and if you knew him you would keep your horrible thoughts to your self.