Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rant: Is there really controversy with GP Basic?

I was recently suggested to listen to the young girl kpop group GP Basic on and I ended up liking their catchy tunes from their first single, GAME. I decided to check out their physical skills in their music video for "GAME" and compared the comments from and YouTube users. They both share a similar complaint which is the age of these girls.

Some say that age shouldn't matter, they have talent. They also agree that kpop idols G-Dragon and Tae yang of Big Bang and Minzy of 2NE1 had to train at a young age to get where they're at, so it's the same idea with them. Others believe they're too young to jump into this intense industry and need to tone down some of their dance moves.

So, what does Miko think? Personally, I've been desensitized by the American music industry and Hollywood with people overworking children to become popular. The biggest set of evidence is the late King of Pop Michael Jackson when he and his family were involved in the Jackson 5. America also puts too much emphasise on sexuality as well in young teen pop idols like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson. Then there is the next big offender in this subject: Japan. They also overwork and oversexualize young female pop groups, usually with photobooks and calendars. They kinda treat them more like products than people like Morning Musume, AKB48, and BeForU. Sometimes America does this as well, so maybe GP Basic hasn't fallen that severely. I'm hoping they're not being overworked and used because they're only 12-15 years old. I do agree that they should keep things age appropriate for them and that the industry shouldn't rush them to appear older. We already have that problem in the U.S. and I'd rather not let that problem spread. They have potential, I think they're cute, and I want them to survive just the way they are without maturing too quickly lyrically and visually.

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mAki said...

Hmmm... Well, I do have to say that their dance moves were not as tasteless as some that I've seen Junior High cheerleaders do in the USA... And their clothing was not overly revealing... But I think they were "styled" to look older than they are. When I was watching I pegged them as being 15-17, not 12-15.

I don't know about Korea, but at least in Japan they are beginning to think about how they look on an international level regarding their sexualization of younger girls. However, this seems to be limited in scope to animated young 2d girls rather than real girls. As you said, here in the USA there is also a problem with the oversexualization of younger girls, so there doesn't seem to be sufficient international pressure on Asia to clean up their act.

Child rights aside, I'm not comfortable with the celebrity cult in general here in America and abroad. The way Japan "markets" their aidoru is also a little bit scary to me. Like, as a woman why do I have to strive to be looked at by men? I feel like this is the message put out there by celebrity marketing.

...I think I may have gotten off-subject a bit there, but... TL;DR I don't think it's good to market women, and especially young girls as sex objects.