Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Promo: San E

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Please welcome San E to the JYP Nation! I had a hard time looking up some background information on him, but what I found was pretty interesting. Before sealing the deal with JYP, San E was an underground artist and had a particular way he worked with production and such. When he announced he was joining the major idol label, he assured his fans that he would not stray from this style of production. JYPE allowed him to have a little freewill and the finished product became his debut mini-album, Everybody Ready?. He speaks truth about the industry in his debut music video, "Tasty San", and mocks his label mates Wonder Girls and 2PM (and even a little at JYP).

I didn't realize that I had heard his voice on an Outsider track, but he picked the right label to join. He's energetic, entertaining, and stands out from current talent in his genre. He contributes both skill and humor with the right amount of cuteness to keep fans wanting more. Upon seeing his latest music video for "Tasty San", I was ready to see what the future held for this talented rapper. He is versatile with his style and a song by the name of "Love Sick" proves it. I can't wait until his next release!

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