Sunday, April 3, 2011

Promo: Infinite

[from left to right] Sung Yeol, Dong Woo, Woo Hyun, Sung Jong, Hoya, L, & Song Kyu
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2010 was full of rookie (or barely established) boy groups. They were on the rise like MBLAQ, U-KISS, B2ST, and so on. I tried out all these groups and found Infinite to be the underdogs of the pack. They debuted with an old school sound in "Come Back Again" with smooth dance moves that suited the style of music. It caught on pretty easily and they moved onto promoting a connection video with "She's Back" to lure us into buying their first mini-album, First Invasion. I'm not completely sure on the success, but they were determined to work harder and make a name for themselves.

January 2011 was the start of a brand new Infinite. Something stronger and more mature. They practiced and practiced and established the deadly "scorpion dance" which they showed off in the music video for "BTD (Before the Dawn)". The choreography was impressively sharp and precise and the vocal arrangement was strategically more thought out than before. This song definitely gave a few boy groups a little run for their money and I'm pretty sure it might've upped sells for their second mini-album, Evolution. Recently, the boys have released a first single, Inspirit.

Take that "Lucifer" XP

Compared to some, I still believe Infinite are the underdogs and I kinda like it that way. They are definitely a powerful force that shouldn't be tampered with. They don't have many releases at the moment, but you can tell that these guys have grown a lot. Evolution has definitely proven that to me compared to their first release and their latest single has me swooning over their growth. Aside from their talent, they have great, genuine chemistry with each other and share the same passion for growing as men and as performers. I'm ecstatic to see what their next CD brings to the table. I hope they continue to be humble and become stronger with their talent as entertainers.

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