Friday, May 4, 2012

Promo: M.I.B

[from left to right] Cream, Sims, 5Zic, & KangNam

Jungle Entertainment is known for housing iconic hip-hop acts such as Drunken Tiger and Leessang, but, in 2011, they gathered four young men to create a hip-hop group. They were originally called Most Incredible Bastards, but quickly changed their name to Most Incredible Busters or M.I.B. Before releasing their debut album, each member made an individual music video to show off their skills. Later, their first single, G.D.M, was out for the public to hear and watch. It was recorded in the United States and gave a familiar vibe for overseas audiences that resembled Far East Movement. In late 2011, they released their self-titled debut album and later in 2012 the release of their next single, "Celebrate", was unveiled on YouTube.

I must admit "G.D.M" was a little too close to home with the Far East Movement vibe, but when I checked out the individual videos, I was steered a different direction. I recently listened to their debut album and it is nothing like Far East Movement. It fits the Jungle Entertainment sound and it really is hip-hop, unlike Big Bang and Block B claim to be in their beginnings. They have attitude, but they have fun as well. I'm not completely satisfied with their latest video release for "Celebrate", even though it features my favorite female Korean rapper Tasha. Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to better quality videos and banging music from the boys.

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