Sunday, May 6, 2012

Top 7 Recommended Music Videos

"Amy" by SiM
Their newest mini-album was released a few days ago and they released a PV for it. It's different from "KiLLiNG Me", but similar in some ways with colorization. SiM does this storytelling thing about a little girl and her mother, I'm assuming. It mixes their ska roots with their new rock sound together effortlessly, making me want more. They also throw in some makeshift dubstep sounds in there as well to add for some interesting horror effects. Really looking forward to hearing the new mini soon.

"廃墟の☆帝王" by Litchi☆Hikari Club
I've been waiting to see the full version of this PV since the commercial hit YouTube and it finally got posted in the beginning of this month. I have the mini-album on my request list to review, so please keep an eye out for it in the near future. As for the PV, it lives up to every expectation I had for it and more. It's daring, intriguing, and has a forbidden sex appeal to it, thanks to Hakuei. I have read some of the manga, but I'd rather purchase and finish than rely on scanlations. I'm a hard copy girl, if you didn't know that by now. This was definitely worth the wait!

"Monolith" by Crossfaith
I hardly listen to this band, but that's not a terrible thing. It's just that they're really intense and sometimes I can't listen to them too much, but they're really great. They're latest PV is quite simple visually, but clever with imagery, scenery, and artistic angles. The song holds onto the band's intensity and fusion of electronic elements and heavy rock. It really pulls you in and rocks your mind with lyrical and drum attacks. Perhaps I should keep a better eye on these guys.

"Is the White Horse Coming?"/"Princess and Prince Charming" by Sunny Hill
I was a little concerned with Sunny Hill continuing their musical activities while Jang Hyun served his military time, but this isn't that bad. Sure, some people were a little surprised by this upbeat sound, but it still carries that consistent message about the Korean music industry and the group's original sound. Yes, if you listen to the second track from The Grasshopper you heard this same uptempo sound. I'm not too fond of the wardrobe choices, but it works for them somehow.

"Time of Extinction" by Jambinai
Yep, totally got this from EatYourKimchi. It's an amazing blend of traditional and dynamic rock elements that could easily be put into an action movie, think Kill Bill. As an aspiring film enthusiast, this really inspires me in so many ways, even the visuals strike ideas left and right in my mind. It's almost simple, but complex as the same time with the music and video. I'm really surprised by South Korea.

"See Through" by Primary feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo & Zion.T
I know I already praised Primary for working with Zion.T and now this was released and I like it so much more than the previous. I'm looking forward to hearing this whole album now, especially since I saw Bumkey in the mix. Anyway, the video is very fluorescent and in your face in a playful, slick way that matches the mood of this song. The beat is very smooth as well and it has this feel good, confident feeling about it that makes me want to smile and dance along to it. So much love here~

"Insanity Love" by e.via feat. ISU of M.C.TheMax
[(uncensored version)]
I was so excited to see that e.via was coming back and even more intrigued by this mature image change. I'm not disappointed either. There's two versions of this video, a censored and uncensored for certain age groups due to the lyrical and visual content that are inappropriate for young eyes and ears. There's a lot of fast rapping in this song and I wished it was balanced out a little better, but I like that it had a drama like sound in ISU's voice and the visuals were totally unexpected coming from her. I'm really interested on this new direction when the full album is released.

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