Monday, May 28, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

Rookie groups are just popping up everywhere I guess. I haven't heard of these guys or any promotional efforts. I'm subscribed to a subbing channel and the thumbnail intrigued me. The visuals are stunning and the song is pretty awesome too. It's not just catchy and danceable, but the boys have some vocals to them. I'm looking forward to listening to their debut single for sure.

"E.R" by Dalmatian
B2ST's "Fiction" + Bang Yong Guk's "I Remember" makes this song and video. It's not a terrible thing. I enjoy the visuals and I'm surprised that these boys have vocal talent at all. I'm not a Dalmatian fan which is probably a little obvious. They're too cutesy and silly for me, but this is a good step in the right direction. Now if they can lose that dumb Big Bang tattoo inspiration to their looks, then I might follow them a little more.

"Never Let Go" by A-JAX
I kinda like this keeping the members a mystery thing like SPICA's "Potently" debut. A-JAX definitely have some vocals on them and I think kpop fans should really focus more on vocal talent than the attractive factor. Aside from the emotional filled vocals, the video is quite stunning and dramatic. I think the colorization and the theatrics match the mood of the music. I'm looking forward to more from A-JAX.

Where have you been? I always get excited when I find talented all female jrock bands. The vocals aren't overly feminine, but she doesn't sound like Jyou of exist trace either, which I hear fairly often. The music is pretty easy to get into. I really should look into this band more. The visuals don't stand out too much either, but visuals are overrated and only attract superficial fans that don't pay attention to the sound.

"Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show" by SuG
If Tim Burton and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu clashed together, they would have something like this. Yes, I think Kyary and Takeru have a similar style about them. I don't really like the saturated colors that much, but the song has some interesting layers and breaks out a little from their bland little funk. I don't want to lose hope in SuG. I really don't want to, but they really need to get it together soon.

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