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Live: The Birthday Massacre

The Birthday Massacre
[2012.11.20] The Door in Dallas, TX
featuring: Creature Feature, Aesthetic Perfection, William Control, & The Birthday Massacre

Creature Feature

I didn’t know there was another band added to the line-up and it’s usually interesting to have these surprise openers. I’m not sure if they followed the tour throughout or just select cities. My friend and I, as well as a good group of people, were a little late to the event, so we missed about half of their set. The sound levels were definitely overwhelming from the entrance and eventually the levels improved throughout the evening. It did affect the performances to an extent, but I can push it aside for the most part in the review. Anyway, I immediately described this duo as kooky and even a low budget Candy Spooky Theater. The group consists of a singer who plays guitar and an energetic keyboardist using horror carnival elements with a tiny hint of electronic sounds. I wasn’t particularly fond of the vocals, but the music was somewhat catchy and what I could understand of the lyrics were amusing.

Aesthetic Perfection

I’m one of those people who check out bands beforehand and this practice started about 2006 when I first saw Dir en grey live. I remember looking up this electronic duo, but I couldn’t remember what they sounded like before their set. They had a few more fans than the previous band. They also used horror themes but more so lyrically than soundwise. The band consists of a vocalist and drummer. They displayed a little more experience than Creature Feature. I really liked them and I thought the vocalist was pretty cute. Apparently, this band is known for getting drunk on stage or at least drinking a lot while performing which was interesting, but they seemed fairly sober throughout their set. High energy, great crowd interaction, and loads of entertainment. They also sung a cover of “She Drives Me Crazy”, since it was some kind of bet they had with one of the members of The Birthday Massacre. By the end of their set, the band definitely gained a fan on my end. My friend enjoyed them as well. Here’s a rough setlist, in no particular order:
A Nice Place To Visit
The Devil's In The Details
She Drives Me Crazy
One and Only
Spit It Out
The Siren
Living the Wasted Life

William Control

Since I looked up this artist beforehand, I already had a bit of excitement and expectations from this artist. I was a little skeptical in the vocal department, but William Control delivered some impressive, alluring vocal talent and his musical companion was good too, although you hardly notice him in the darkness and fog. William made sure to interact and talk to the crowd every now and then, even if the song wasn’t high energy or uptempo. As I mentioned before, the stage was mostly dark and foggy to fit the tone of the artist, but there was a mixture of blue and red lighting switching in and out during the set. William is definitely a chain smoker too. I think he had at least 6-7 cigarettes. It made me worry about that lovely, dark voice of his. Later going to his band before this solo project, it is a completely different side of him sound wise. I don’t particularly like his band, so I will stick to William Control. Although, like Yomi’s vocals from Nightmare and Sendai Kamotsu, I was amazed by the vocal differences. Since I had some sort of expectations from him, mostly song-wise, I was pleasantly satisfied to hear a couple songs that I really enjoy. I wouldn’t mind seeing him again and indulging in his seductive, subtle charisma. Here’s another setlist attempt, in no order:
All Due Restraint
I'm Only Human Sometimes
My Lady Dominate
Dorian Gray?
Kiss Me Judas
I Am Your Jesus
The Velvet Warms and Binds
Romance & Devotion
New World Order (A New Kind of Faith)
Beautiful Loser
Razors Edge

[2012.11.20] William Control - Lady Dominate

[2012.11.20] William Control - All Due Restraint

The Birthday Massacre

It’s obvious that this is the reason I came to this show, even though I’ve seen them twice before, but I really enjoy what the band gives to their audience. This was my first time seeing them in Dallas and the crowd was very pleasant and responsive. They had just the right amount of energy and respect that a live crowd should have. I remember this tall guy getting really emotional during their set, it was nice to see someone being able to see the band they love in person and even more being able to touch or interact with any of the members. Chiba was her usual adorable and chipper self. The rest of the band also displayed the energy that I’m used to experiencing and maybe even a little more to keep me coming for another show. They played a few songs from their new album, Hide and Seek. From their newer material, I enjoy The Birthday Massacre’s slower songs just as much as their more energetic songs. I enjoy the range that Chiba brings with her vocals, member interactions, and overall performance. She is just a fluid entertainer and can deliver a heartfelt sorrowful tune just as well as a vengeful love song. I hope this band continues on the great momentum they have created and keep bringing the passion to their fans through their music and live performances. Here’s a rough setlist, in no order:
In the Dark
Pins and Needles
Lovers End
Happy Birthday
Video Kid
Red Stars
Burn Away?
Leaving Tonight

[2012.11.20] The Birthday Massacre - Sleepwalking

[2012.11.20] The Birthday Massacre - Lovers End

[2012.11.20] The Birthday Massacre - Alibis

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