Sunday, July 28, 2013

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Coffee Shop" by B.A.P
Every time B.A.P promotes a slow song, I never really like it. The combination of concept and just the song never works out for me and feels odd for something like that coming from these boys, but this song is just right. It's calming, mature, and properly fits the group. It's not cutesy nor overly romantic visually. It's just right and doesn't clash with group's overall concept.

"Baaam" by Dynamic Duo feat. Muzie (UV)
Sometimes I wonder why I've ignored this legendary duo all this time. This video definitely brought them back to my attention and I love it. I just really love this R&B sound mixed with rap. It's slick, mature, fun, and entertaining. It matches this whole classic slick sound that Justin Timberlake and Pharrell resurrected back into pop in the U.S. I love the sleek, dark, and sensual visuals that match both the sound of the music and the vocal delivery. Lastly, the autotune for once does not take away from the flow.

"Torture" by Picture Me Broken
I know this isn't that new, but I just recently got into this band and it's always great finding good female rock vocals. I like the concept of this video. It's simple, but interesting enough to follow along with the story. The song is really powerful. I love the bass and piano in this song and great emotion filled vocals to bring the music to life.

"Call Me" by Untouchable feat. Andrew Choi
They're back! They're back! They're baaack! I'm so happy~ Can't you tell? I love these two men and it's great to see something new from them. You would think I wouldn't enjoy such a slow song, but it works for them and reminds me of a couple other slower songs I enjoy by these two. I like the simplistic, sweet concept with the rotating camera, text visuals, and scene transitions to progress the story along. Really hoping this means a new mini-album or full length album to come. *crosses fingers*

"We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2" by BTS
I know this is just a simple choreography centric video, but they're on point and these rookies have some serious talent. Not only is their dancing in sync, but they're very impressive in the lyric delivery, both singing and rapping. The visuals are a little questionable like the blinged out props and gun imagery, but it goes with the appearance of the boys. Cliche as it is, it's not really shoved in your face too much that causes appropriation irritation. I'm looking forward to more by this group and I hope they don't lose their hard sound or go stale with repetitive maneuvers like their predecessors.

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