Sunday, September 21, 2014

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Psycho" by HISTORY
HISTORY is a group I tried so hard to like, but every video they released was kinda the same. They blended way too much into the scene, but I'm happy my mind is still open to give them chance after chance to prove themselves. Obviously, this video meets my approval. Even though I could still gripe about the melody still feeling a bit awkward in places and the whole style doesn't stand out from the others, something about it has some unique points here and there. As I shortly mentioned, the melody sounds a little odd in places, but I really like the transition from the verse to the bridge and even a little to the chorus. Something about taking away musical elements and letting their vocals shine and letting them lead their own trail. Their outfits are pretty goofy and I've seen it before, but the choreography and story is interesting, especially the execution of using special effects and playing with set pieces. I still want a little more from this group, because I find it really strange how much I want this group to be good yet have little interest in them at the same time.

"One More" by Fiestar
I honestly have no feelings for this group and I mostly became intrigued by this song and video because of one of my subscriptions. Despite me being sick of these high waisted, form fitting outfits trying to feed into this "sexy" concept all these girl groups are doing, they mix it up with some playfulness and a variation of outfits that give them personality and unity. The way the video is shot reminds me of SNSD's "Mr. Mr." by using different types of framing and odd settings for the girls to look pretty in. The music is pretty catchy too with its smooth bass, upbeat melody, and a touch of funky horns. In short, this is an artistically eye catching video with beautiful women modeling in between shots. I don't think I'll ever be a fan of Fiestar, but I am a fan of this song and it's hard to resist singing along to the repetitive chorus.

"Saturday Night" by G.O.D
I actually like this group and I like Kim Tae-Woo's solo material too. I don't really listen to them that much, so I can't really say I'm a fan of theirs, but I admire their soulful and diverse vocals as well as acknowledge their contribution to the kpop genre. I was surprised to a see a new video from them and I'm kinda hoping maybe one day H.O.T follows their footsteps and surprise their fans with something new. This is purely a fun video and song. It plays off their ages and what men do, lie about their lives to make up for their mundane routines. It really fits their image and their ages while still being a fun video and song. It doesn't try to make them like the current rookies and has a clear demographic to their fans who know who they are, but at the same time is entertaining enough for younger kpop fans...kinda like PSY's "Gangnam Style".

"Good Bye Bye" by NU'EST
My feelings for toward this group haven't really changed much, but they are still gradually growing with each release. This latest video surprised me a lot. Ren isn't a girl anymore! I'm glad to see them breaking out of their bishounen versions of B1A4 and SHINee and claiming their own identity. The song and visuals are more mature like "HELLO", but appeals more to my taste. The vocals and harmonization are gorgeous and match the heavy, melancholy tone of the melody and visuals. The visuals are not overdramatic and have a nice bold color tone with simple settings and storytelling to suit the lyrics. I like the mixture of techniques of light, slow motion, fastforwarding, and lots of dramatic motions with the body as well as interesting transitions such as opening a door to another scene. Lastly, the main point this video caught my attention completely was the song. I like the transitions from a slight emptiness with a lonely piano to a more energized pain, although I could've lived without the dubstep breakdown. I really hope that NU'EST keeps going in this direction and follow the same path as VIXX.

"Back" by Infinite
I really like Infinite...a lot, but lately their music hasn't stood out too much or met my expectations for them. This has made me sad and ToHeart didn't do anything for me either. When this video came out, I was back to being happy...not completely, but happy enough. Similar to NU'EST's "Good Bye Bye", I love the use of piano in this song and the transition from the beautiful gentleness to the strong determined spirit. The action and acting match this transition very well. The story is simple and I've seen it before with Block B and B.A.P, but whatever. Of course, the choreography's on point and I like the individual spotlight on each member. The boys look very mature in this, even though they're bloodied up and injured during this video. It gives me close to similar feelings I had with "BTD (Before the Dawn)" and "The Chaser", taking their softer and energetic sounds together in one beautiful symphony. Although, I wish they didn't get that SM influence of unnecessary sound effects popping in and out of the music. It's totally not necessary.

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