Monday, February 10, 2014

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Can't Remember to Forget You" by Shakira feat. Rihanna
I'm a casual fan of Shakira, meaning I don't really keep up with her new releases very actively, but I do enjoy her music. Since I haven't watched anything new of hers for quite some time, this was like a breath of fresh air compared to everything that's clogging up the pop stations. The dynamics between her and Rihanna were surprisingly good. The song is pretty good and I enjoy the mix of rock and Shakira's exotic signature sound. But I can't help but compare think of her collaboration with Beyonce when watching this. Anyway, I'll have to look out for the album.

"Carpe Noctem" by Aural Vampire
Visually, there's not much going on. It's a simple band centric video with moments of the duo in different sceneries, know what? I really don't care! This song is absolutely amazing and addictive. It's a slightly new and fresh addition to Aural Vampire's sound. The visuals mix both light and dark to the usual gothic themes associated with them. Exo-Chika continues to allure viewers with sensuality and elegance and I am so pumped for this new album!

"FLOWER" by Yong Junhyung
Yeah, I know this isn't all that new, but do you guys seriously look when these things get released when I post them. XP Anyway, this has been a bit of a struggle. First, I wasn't sure if I liked the song, then I became a little addicted to it. Next, I wasn't sure if I liked the video enough to recommend it. I guess that dance practice video made me a little more hesitant. Like I said, I really like the song. It's a big improve from "You got some nerve". The visuals are very artsy and tries to fuse b-boy/hip-hop style to it. I guess a merge of B2ST and solo artist. The choreography isn't all that fitting, in my opinion, but the video and the song is worth checking out for sure.

"Fxxk U" by Gain feat. Bumkey
**Gore & Language Warning**
I must admit and please don't hurt me I wasn't as impressed with this video/song combination like a lot of fans, but I do like both...obviously. I didn't know what to expect after "Bloom", but it's a nice consistent production of mature work that I think South Korea needs to be exposed to. First was embracing female sexuality and now abusive relationships. The music has a lovely contradictory upbeat sound to it while the lyrics are very harsh and blunt. The visuals reflect that to some extent, although the color palette is quite bold yet faded. I think this was a good choice to grab people's attention to Gain's new release.

"Yum Yum Yum" by Lipservice
You might think I'm crazy with this pick, but this is seriously one of the most amazing things I've seen in kpop this year. The visuals are bright and fun like the song and the lyrics, yet it's simple and focuses on the girls being silly and dancing. I like the borrowed snippets of inspiration they slipped in there like the pseudo-club scenes and the guy dancing in the foggy space. If you're curious about the lyrics, it's about going on a diet, but having a hard time fighting the love of eating food. I can see a lot of girls getting into this. My only criticism is I wish that the girls were a little thicker? I know thin girls can have big appetites too, but there's a line about having a "fat belly" or something which seems awkward. Nonetheless, the silly earworm is quite wonderful~

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