Sunday, June 7, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)" by JongHyun feat. IRON
After Taemin's solo, I guess SM Entertainment decided that Jonghyun needed one too. I'm not complaining or anything. There were some possibilities of how this first video would go. It is darkly beautiful and I'm happy they didn't do the standard dancing in a box or just choreography video. It has some theatrics, interesting visuals, and Jonghyun looks and sounds amazing in this video. I never really paid too much attention to SHINee's individual skills, so this makes me like him even more than I have before. I'll admit that this isn't what I expected from him, but I was pleased enough that I was kinda excited about hearing his mini-album. Also, IRON...yes~ Unnecessary, but...yes~

"Star Warz" by Outsider vs. Twista
I know Twista hasn't been relevant to mainstream audiences since the 2000s, but I'm still mesmerized by his speed and skill. I was excited to see that Outsider was doing a collaboration and I was very impressed. It was everything a fan could want. The visuals are a perfect symbol of two different opponents battling each other through boxers. The song mixes both artists' styles with a hip-hop, rock, and classical sound. I'm looking forward to hearing new Outsider for sure!

"Crazy" by 4Minute
Despite my feelings toward HyunA, I've liked this group before her solo career became a career, so I was excited to see a new video from them. If I remember correctly, I wasn't too impressed with their last effort. Although the video mostly focuses on beauty shots and choreography, it's shot well and in an interesting way. Despite the styling not being perfect, for the most part I like this new look for them, especially the green hair. I do think the choreography is awkward in places, but I really enjoy this almost Middle Eastern hip-hop, electro-pop sound for them.

"Rebellion" by DIAWOLF
Along with the revival of Alice Nine (or A9 now) after leaving PS Company, Shou and Tora put together DIAWOLF and released a video around the same time. I didn't know what to expect, but what we got was absolutely awesome. It was a booming and liberating fusion of rock and electronic music. Shou's Engrish is pretty decent, but more importantly his delivery along with Tora's guitar were very powerful and conveyed a great sense of rebellion. I hope this isn't a one off and they do more with this name, because this was pretty cool.

"Quints" by NIGHTMARE
NIGHTMARE is a band whose music is very consistent. They've kept their signature sound throughout time while still evolving and growing with every release. Although I might not post too much about them here, I still find their music very enjoyable. This video is proof that this band is still amazing and their chemistry with each other still exists. The song might not stand out too much and kinda sounds similar to other things they've released, but there's still hints of growth and experimentation in it by letting all the members sing the chorus along with Yomi, having a more prominent bassline, and adding some synthesizer sounds to parts of the song. The video is very simple visually, having the members perform in front of a concrete wall and vines as the camera revolves from member to member and another scene with all five members in front of a screen with various Japanese and English words surrounding them.

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