Sunday, June 21, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"I'm Not Yours" by Jolin Tsai feat. Namie Amuro
I believe Asian Junkie joked about this collaboration. As Jolin Tsai is flawless and I guess Namie Amuro is struggling. I could be wrong as I don't follow her too much. Either way, I thought this collaboration of cultures brought something interesting to the table. It's mostly a Jolin Tsai song and definitely fits her dance pop style and aesthetic. It's high production and polished. The song is catchy and Namie's contribution is...okay.

"Parade" by DEV
I'm so happy to see more new videos from DEV. I was really into her when she released The Night the Sun Came Up and her collaborations with The Cataracs. It definitely keeps her sound consist from her previous work, but also brings something a little something new to her style. She still exudes confidence and a subtle alternative sexy in her style. The video is very simple featuring a trio of girls with some fierce choreography, some slow motion moments with a sparkler, and just having a small parade with the squad in the desert.

"Forever (Pt. II)" by Snakehips feat. Kaleem Taylor
I want to say I was introduced to the fabulous, fierce dance duo Aya and Bambi through Tumblr and I've been mesmerized ever since. Not just because of their hypnotizing synchronization, but their amazing fashion sense. I decided to check out this music video and it felt like watching Naughty Boy's collaboration with rising artist Sam Smith. It's a smooth dance/electronic song that mixes R&B elements in its beat and vocal arrangement. The visuals are sleek and fit the mood of the song. There's a definite love connection with these two women and the choreography works very well too.

"Sick Like Me" by In This Moment
I was a little late learning that new material was put out by this band, but I was more than happy to catch up and indulge a little in this female fronted metal band. It might be pandering, but it's stylish pandering that matches the concept of their new album, Black Widow. Maria looks absolutely beautiful. She captures the right balance of seductress and tortured soul. I enjoy the choreography and predatory, aggression that she brings to the camera as well as the other members of the band as they play. The song also brings that sexuality and desperation as well.

"FLOWER" by Xiah Junsu feat. TABLO
Y'know, Junsu either puts out music videos or cinematic masterpieces. This definitely falls in the cinematic masterpiece category. As much as I try to separate myself from DBSK, I still end up liking something from their post-separation catalogue. The music video may be overly artistic and pretentious, but damn it's absolutely gorgeous. It does fit the grand orchestral music and the gentle power in Junsu's voice. I'm not sure what all the visuals mean, but I'm guessing it has to deal with the evolution of man, power, and love...or something. Whatever it is, Junsu continues to stand out from other kpop solo acts and Tablo's contribution adds a bit of off kelter rap commentary to the song.

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