Friday, December 2, 2011

Boys Love vs. Schoolboy Crush (a.k.a Boys Love: The Movie)

It's been a while since I covered any boy love movies. I still enjoy them. I decided to re-watch Boys Love before watching the theatrical version. Some places label it as a sequel, but the stories are not connected in any way. Their biggest similarities is that the older main character is played by Yoshikazu Kotani and the younger man seduces him somehow. There's also some smaller details they share as well, such as the glasses character and his involvement with both characters and a rape scene that shifts the story greatly.

In Boys Love, Taishin Mamiya is a magazine editor interviewing a young student and model's artwork by the name of Noeru Kisaragi. Mamiya notices a piece that stands out from the others, but Noeru doesn't want to discuss it. After they're done, they go out to eat and Noeru seduces Mamiya during a restroom trip at the restaurant.

In Boys Love: The Movie (or Schoolboy Crush), Kairo Aoi is dealing with a break up with his girlfriend by paying Amakami Sora for sex one night. We learn that Aoi is a teacher at a private all boys school and Sora transfers in. Aoi struggles to keep their past hidden, but they're constantly on each other's minds.

Both stories are entertaining and done very well. Both movies are directed by Kōtarō Terauchi and has been turned into manga form. My main reason for watching this movie, two words: Saito Takumi. Also helped that the story sounded interesting as well for a shounen ai movie.

It's hard to pick which movie was better as they both share elements I really enjoyed. I liked how the director added in meaningful quotes from notable people to match the mood of the scene. The actor choices for each character were very well chosen and the story had the right amount of drama, even though the ending is a little open ended to the viewer's imagination. I also liked the contrast of the two stories as well. There's still a tension filled love triangle, tragedy, and believable emotion. Although, Boys Love: The Movie seemed almost straight from a manga, but it had as much substance as its counterpart. On the other hand, I disliked about the same details in both movies. They both have a bittersweet ending to them and, at times, I thought Noeru and Sora overreacted to certain things.

Once again, I think I'll leave this one to you readers. Which one did you prefer?

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