Sunday, December 4, 2011

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Identité de la lune" by CHiAKi KURiYAMA
Brought under the wing of the legendary Shiina Ringo, it took me some time to adjust that this girl was a singer some time ago. I saw some people complaining that she's just imitating her mentor, but I believe she does have a decent voice, especially for an actress. I'm pretty sure you guys aren't strangers to the whole "you either sing or act" formula, you're bound to suck at one of them. Anyway, I really like this song. It's easy to listen to and the video is pretty simplistic, but clever at the same time.

"Rocket Dive" by Megamasso
Yes! More classic jrock songs being covered by the visual kei youngsters~ I don't care what anyone says, but I think Megamasso owned this song. It's playful, cute, and just as catchy and enjoyable as the original. The PV is pretty simple with vibrant colors, playful costumes, and natural band chemistry. If you're feeling sad today, check out this PV to put a smile back on your face.

"Huang di ~Yami ni umareta mukui~" by D
After seeing the preview to this PV, I was excited to see how this whole PV and song was going to play out. It mixes traditional Japanese elements with hard D rock; a wonderful combination. The costumes are...interesting. Asagi's would make a nice set of curtains XD; Nonetheless, their yakuza form is quite attractive. I think it's safe to say that this band is going in the right direction with their music.

"How We Feel" by CLAZZI feat. Seulong
Alright, I don't listen to Clazziquai nor 2AM, but the comical couple Simon and Martina pointed this video out. Simon practically praised it and that's huge! I think he's almost as critical as I am about kpop. Anyway, the song has a electronic, classic sound to it and the video is very neo-abstract artistic. CLAZZI's musical skills and Seulong's voice work very well, surprisingly.

"Trouble Maker" by Hyun Seung & HyunA
I came across this music video through LinzerDinzer's Facebook and I was a little hesitant to click, because...I really dislike HyunA. I have a very good reasons to, but they won't be explained here. Anyway, I clicked and I actually liked it, but I do have some "criticism" toward it. I wish HyunA wasn't apart of this song, especially with Hyun Seung. No fangirl reason either, just simply I dislike her and I love B2ST. Fortunately, Hyun Seung's voice is more powerful than her voice, so it masks it a lot during the chorus section. Then there's the music. I guess Infinite let the duo borrow their leftover beat, but it works. Oh, and don't forget the leftover Michael Jackson choreo too! I'm not hatin'. Nonetheless, the song's catchy and mellow and the video is quite entertaining, even though I gagged a little.

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