Monday, December 19, 2011

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Criminal" by Britney Spears
I'm not really a Britney fan, but sometimes her music just hangs around my mind from radio overplay. When I looked up the video, I was actually impressed with the visuals (and also surprised there was an age restriction on it and not on Gaga's god awful "Marry the Night"). Anyway, it's pretty much a very simple storyline and has that stupid repeat ending word thing that Brit's been doing lately. Nonetheless, I'll give props for the bullet love scene and a decent song.

"Amaryllis" by Para:noir
It's amazing what you can do with shaky camera work, some grainy effects, and an empty warehouse. For once, I don't mean that sarcastically. This is a band I've been trying to put out there for their amazing talent and their newest PV shows how much they've grown since the beginning without losing their signature sound. Sure there's nothing extremely eye catching visually, but the energy and music makes up for the budget.

"CRISIS" by Acid Black Cherry
Yes, more ABC, leave me alone. They've been releasing things like crazy, so it's hard to resist! This song has an upbeat feel that was captured from their "20th Century Boys" PV which is great. Someone pointed out that this is an ode to GLAY, L'Arc~en~Ciel, and T.M. Revolution. They also snuck a little geek in there if you can spot it. The PV is simple, but fun to watch and listen to.

"Love Me Back" by Koda Kumi
Are you feeling the Kumi fever? Everyone else is. lol No, no, I'm not posting this because of the great news about her and Kenjio3 tying the knot and starting a family. I'm posting this because the song is super catchy, fun and the PV is pure sexy. I also wanted to post this with the last batch of recs, but I ran out of space. Guess there's a reason for everything. Congrats guys!

"Sunrise" by The Cataracs feat. DEV
In celebration of a semester completed (or exams), this was a great song to pop up these past few days. It's a simple collage of vacation memories between these individuals and their friends or whatever. It's a nice little party song that's easy to get into. Also, congrats to DEV on the birth of her baby girl!

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