Monday, December 12, 2011

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Chou" by Acid Black Cherry
Reviving that seductive lounge club sound, the band brings back everything fans love about them and more. The storyline is intriguing, especially with the forbidden romantic twist, but it doesn't take away from the smooth yet upbeat melody. Yasu's voice remains flawless and the bass is simply lovely as it leads the guitars along throughout the song.

Before I comment on the flawlessness, I must warn you that this PV contains loads of graphic content. If you're in anyway squeakmish, please refrain from watching. So...I've been abusing the replay button for the preview of this PV and I about spazzed all over the place when the full version was posted. This. Is. AMAZING! This is up there with "Muddy Cult" and Jin growling like a sexy beast...makes it even more epic along with their always entrancing guitar solos. I'm hoping to be promoting them hard in 2013 to make a guest appearance at Oni-Con.

"Lunatic" by Daesung
I was happy to learn that Daesung finally got a MV for himself, but it seems as though fans are complaining about the quality. Honestly, I was too engrossed with how great the song was and the fact that Daesung was making a strong comeback. This MV proves that the man is diverse and he has the strongest voice in Big Bang. Don't even try to disprove that either XP For me, it reminded me of Moon Hee Jun, which made me uber excited. As for the visuals, I enjoyed the contrast from the usual Big Bang solo products. It's raw, dark, artistic, and unique which makes it seem more genuine and deep. Honestly, I don't think I would mind if he went in this musical direction with a hint of "Baby Don't Cry", because that song is just as emotionally powerful and beautiful.

"Breeze Out" by Meisa Kuroki
If it was possible for a woman to be fiercely sexy, badass, and have a great vocal range, they would call her Meisa Kuroki. Now there have been a few recent things I haven't been extremely excited about pertaining her, but this PV gives me hope that her attitude and musical style will revive everything I love about this exotic lady. She shows off different sides of herself throughout the PV, from innovative to tough, but sexy to refine model, but reminds us that she's a great dancer and can still hit those high notes.

"Tsukema tsukeru" by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
I recently promoted this Yasutaka creation and I'm excited to see the release of her newest PV. It's not as catchy as "PONPONPON", but it's still ridiculously cute and shows off more of Kyary's love for eyes (or eyelashes as it seems). The costume and set design are very intriguing and imaginative just like her debut PV. Best part of the whole PV...the lion dancers!

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