Sunday, September 2, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"BLACK OUT" by VERBAL (m-flo) feat. Namie Amuro & Lil' Wayne
Not much of a fan of any of these artists, but there's a couple things I like from VERBAL and Namie. This was posted on aramatheydidnt as an unreleased video and it didn't seem like many people liked this one, but I was one of the the few that obviously did. Sure, it's seizure inducing, but this seemed more interesting than Kanye West's "All of the Lights". The visuals are intriguing and the song is quite awesome...until Lil' Wayne adds his egotistical lines into a perfectly good song. What is up with crap rappers ruining amazing songs!? Please stop this epidemic, artists! I'm happy I didn't have to see his ugly face. I'm still trying to get over the mental scars of seeing Rick Ross shirtless in "Lemme See". >.<

"Royal Blood" by Rin -the end of corruption world-
It's been a sad week for jrock and Rin is part of the news. I won't go into detail about the situation, but it's nice to post a PV by these guys since I was really worried about their direction. Honestly, they were a bit lackluster and I kept longing for Phantasmagoria, then this came out. It seems almost fresh and new, even though I've seen this concept before with SID but Riku's voice is so effortless. The bass is really deep and the composition isn't that bad either even though it's quite simple compared to Kisaki's other works. I still appreciate it and I hope that Rin continues to live on despite the closing of Under Code.

"Lolita" by The Veronicas
I honestly haven't listened to these girls since "Untouched" was released, so obviously I'm not a fan nor do I keep up with their releases very closer. I saw this update on The Prophet Blog. I agree with a comment on this video that they're not being properly promoted in America like they should be, because they really do have talent. Anyway, the video and song are both very simple, slightly aggressive dance track. It has a badass alien concept with some artistic shots mixed in. The vocals are very easy on the ears, the lyrics are simple, and the music has a subtle dubstep sound to it. Maybe America will re-embrace these girls again.

"She's Gone" by G-Dragon
Yes, I'm very aware that Senor Dragon has two new videos for his upcoming solo album, but I have problems with both somewhere. I won't get into details until the album is released, then I'll spill. Anyway, this video seemed a bit overshadowed, but it has a nice, dramatic, and dark feeling that I've realized that I enjoy from GD. I realized this through "One of a Kind". I'm a fan of GD's dark, twisted side. The lyrics aren't as impressive as his recent "That XX" to me, but it's visually appealing and the concept works with the lyrics. I kinda want him to do more dark things like this, but not too often.

"The Shadow" by BoA
I'm not much of a BoA fan, but I understand why fans were looking forward to this song being her next promotional track. The song is more interesting than "Only One", but I think I enjoy the choreography more from the other song more than this one strangely. Anyway, the video still has it's signature SM color palette and settings, but they tried to do some different camera angles to fit the tone of the song which was a welcome change. The song's not that bad. It has a strong Janet Jackson vibe and the concept is kinda cool too. It's not quite a flawless MV as the still shots kinda ruined things. SM, still rotating shots are not cool. STOP USING THEM IN YOUR VIDEOS!!

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