Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"sweeToxic" by SuG
I was waiting for the official release before posting this one and I'm so happy to finally show my love for the group. We've had some rough times like most of the PSC bands, but it's nice to see that the band has figured out how to catch my attention again. This PV combines their more recent style with a taste of what made them appealing in the beginning and something fresh to keep me interested. The visuals are saturated in some places and vibrant in others which shows that balance they have finally claimed with this musical style. It's not overwhelming either, it's just enough to make me happy again and I hope they keep this direction up for future releases.

"Eclipse" by Moran
I was really curious how the new additions of Vivi and Ivy would work out with the band and I'm happy to say that it only made an awesome a more awesome band. They haven't lost their initial sound, but simply enhanced it even more with this addictive track and natural energy. The PV is simple and highlights each member while delivering so much energy. I am even more anxious to hear their first album as a quintet.

"Controversy" by Natalia Kills
Sometimes less is more, but this one could be a hit or miss for fans visually. The concept points out social commentary of what we digest through media from day to day. It's lyrically simple, but possesses a truthful message with its words. I read that Natalia's concept for the upcoming album this song will be featured on will be chaotic and noisy and this song definitely fits in that category without being obnoxious about it. Everything is very simplistic, but it holds so many topics that people can discuss for hours on end. I'm looking forward to the album and delving into this new direction.

This was an interesting new sound for the group...and kinda kpop as well. It's a mixture of 90's pop and current electro-pop elements which surprisingly works well for the boys. They're slowly breaking out of B2ST's shadow, but they still have quite a ways to go to truly not be compared by their labelmates. The story is pretty standard and the styling matches the musical mash-up ranging from 90's throwback scraps and recycled and revamped B2ST wardrobe.

"Don't Let Go (Love)" by En Vogue
So, I've decided instead of just waiting for something more interesting to pop up or just settle for okay, I would pick something from the past that I'm sure the younger generation haven't been exposed to. This will only occur if I can't find anything to fill the space. Anyway, this is a memorable and empowering song. I remember when it came out for the Set It Off movie. I don't think I've seen the whole movie actually. I believe I was too young to watch it at the time. ^^; Like typical soundtrack based songs, they insert snippets of the movie in between the groups' performance. Normally, this would be quite boring, but for this song it doesn't need anything flashy and over the top. The ladies' emotion filled power vocals make up for everything. I miss R&B songs like this that provide strength to women and really touch your soul.

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