Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"SOLOWEEN" by Aural Vampire
It was a pleasant surprise to see this dynamic electronic duo bringing something for the Halloween season. This definitely gets me pumped for all the horror-a-thons I will be having as well as new music from them. It's still fresh, yet keeps their signature style that makes them lovable. I warn you that this song is very addicting and you won't be able to resist dancing to it.

"Push and Shove" by No Doubt feat. Busy Signal & Major Lazer
Upon the release of "Settle Down", I was spazzing all over the place when another one of my favorite 90's artists were coming back. It feels like they never took a break at all. It's a nice transition from their previous release. Not just the sound is familiar yet refreshing, but the chemistry among the members still reminds me of good times and that puts a huge grin on my face. I'm looking forward to delving into their comeback album.

"Play the Game Boy" by A*M*E
If you're not following me on Tumblrdore, then I'll repeat that I'd rather have this girl bridge the gap to kpop and international sounds than Chad Future. She brings something new to the table that has kpop influences and old school synth-pop without trying too hard or blending in too much to be a gimmick. She has the right attitude with charm, sweetness, and sass. I'm looking forward to a full length album.

"Your Body" by Christina Aguilera
Continuing with this vintage meets modern sounds, Christina returns with fierce vocals, a devilish seductive attitude, and an alluring style. I'm enjoying this way more than "I'm Not Myself Tonight" and that song was decent, although the video was a bit try too hard in some ways. The music isn't too in your face and simply highlights the vocals which is one of Christina's strongest points and the reason I chose her back in the day over all the blonde pop songstresses. The story is amusing and entertaining and I'm looking forward to more. Keep the momentum!

"Your Woman" by White Town
It's been forever since I've seen/heard this song and I was reminded by it through procrastination someone's video about the music that shaped him from a child to his adulthood. Overall, I kinda want to do a video like that, but all the details would be a little hazy. Anyway, I remember hearing this song on the radio during the late night when they would play dance and obscure-ish music. I never knew who sung it or anything. I was pretty young at the time, but it had a nice beat and the chorus was memorable. Seeing the video now makes me appreciate the song a little more. Don't be discourage because it's old or black and white. This is the beginnings of techno-pop, guys!

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