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Live: A-Kon 23

A-Kon 23
[2012.06.01] Sheraton Hotel in Dallas, TX
featuring: AYABIE & -OZ-

Forgive me for the massive delay on this live report and also the shortness of it. I tried to remember as much as I could and it ended up being a summary of what happened that evening. Hopefully, it still provides some sort of entertainment or whatever. Anyway, this year was a little different. Babel Entertainment negotiated with the bands' team and allowed the audience to use their cameras during the show. I don't have any footage of my own as I felt odd about it during a convention, so the videos being posted here are from other fans. There are plenty of videos on YouTube and possibly other places, so feel free to check them out.

Yumehito: vocals
Takehito: guitar
Intetsu: bass
Kenzo: drums

AYABIE opened up the concert and they carried a lot of high energy throughout the whole show. The crowd was responsive and Yumehito talked to us quite a lot. He did an introduction of the members and there was quite a bit of Engrish thrown in and out. His interaction with Intetsu was very cute. Unfortunately, Yumehito had to do a long MC after about the second or third song due to technical difficulties on Takehito’s end. I don’t know what exactly happened, but the cuteness banter was distraction enough for the fans. The set list might’ve gotten cut short some because of that. I guess it was somewhat serious because it took Takehito and the staff quite some time to get it together. Anyway, like I said, there was a lot of high energy cycling between us. Yumehito was very charismatic and bouncy. He did some cutesy fanservice with Intetsu, did a little bouncy dance to “Merry go round“, and I was surprised to hear some deep growls just for fun. Kenzo had a laid back, cool energy to him while the rest held up the forefront. Here's an attempted set list:

Merry Go Round

Natsuki: vocals
Aki: guitar
Tama: guitar
Nao: bass
Zukki: drums

Next up was –OZ-, which was a whole different energy from AYABIE’s. I was hoping for a DEATHBIE surprise, but maybe another time. Anyway, the transition might’ve been a little odd since one band is more upbeat, happy and the other is darker, grimier. The members came on the stage like it was their second home. Everything seemed so natural with them and that made the energy so pure between us and the band. Every member simply dominated the stage with their movements and interactions with the audience. Natsuki did minimal MCing compared to Yumehito, but I remember clearly saying that music speaks to everyone no matter what language is your native tongue. A lot of passion was poured out, especially during "Rain Delay", and they definitely got heated on the stage. Here's another attempt at a setlist:

Rain Delay
Pressed Flower

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