Sunday, June 30, 2013

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"301 Byoushitsu" by LuLu
I'm so happy this band is back. I was really afraid that they wouldn't...and I am very pleased to see that they came back with something awesome. Not only is this song great, but it's a slightly different style for the band with a mix of their base sound. The guitar solo...just all the guitar and drum parts are great. The imagery is amusing and playfully dark. I can't wait to hear their new single.

"hyde" by VIXX
I must admit that this song took some time to grow on me, but I really do love it more or less than their previous songs. I'm so happy that this group is consistently growing with each release, but I believe they may only have an overseas appeal like U-KISS. Either way, this video is very well down. It's not overly dark or dramatic. The concept is conveyed successfully through the visuals, lyrics, and even the choreography, which is on point and creative. KPop groups better step it up to VIXX's level, especially last year's rookies.

"Smoky Girl" by MBLAQ
At first, I wasn't completely blown away by this whole package, but now it has grown on me and I can fully appreciate the boys' comeback. It's mature, slick, and unique from what's being put out there. I believe Zion.T had a hand in this as well. Anyway, I have not yet gotten a chance to listening to the mini-album, but this gives me high hopes. Welcome back and keep it classy!

"First Love" by After School
I blame my After School loving friend for spamming gifs on Tumblr for this one. I'm not an AS fan. I only like "Ah" and mostly because it's kinda annoying but catchy. This is another example of pole dancing done right. It's sensual and sexy at the same time with the help of the lyrics, editing of the sultry shots of the members, and the high caliber choreography. I am still in awe by that. The song isn't that bad either. It has a sound of the 90s.

I was very pleased with Ryosuke's solo work, even though I'm still sad about this indefinite hiatus of his band. Ryosuke continues to mix heavy rock with electronic/dubstep sounds with a good balance. His dance moves are on the same level as Gackt in "Mizerable", but it's okay. I love the breakdown a lot. It reminds me of Lolita23q's "-HIKARI-". The visuals are pretty cool and simple, but match the concept Ryosuke is going for in this new project. Looking forward to this new release.

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