Saturday, August 17, 2013

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Dry Ride" by Tam Tam
I know I already posted something of theirs last time, but I couldn't resist this charming claymation video and fun ska music. I love the music and the melody is just so easy on the ears. The vocals are also a little more bearable than the previous song. I really, really need to find their music.

"Eclipse" by Crossfaith
Like their previous PV, this is another aggressively, fun party song to go absolutely crazy with. There is so much energy and chaos in this song and I love it! The visuals are sleek and match the danger, energy, and mayhem that is in the song. This is also a slightly more mature look to the members as well and it's great to hear Ken singing a little more.

"V" by Lee Jung Hyun
The Queen of Performance has returned with the help of director Park Chan Wook. It has an interesting, comedic, horror storyline of romance and persistence. I love the concept and the haunting, but playful music. It has a swing, electronic pop sound to it that reminds me of Alexandra Stan's "Mr. Saxobeat". I'm happy to see her return and I can't wait for more of her this year.

"Hate You" by LADIES'CODE
Their debut song wasn't looking so good, so I'm happy I gave them another chance with this MV and I must say it's way better. Although the chorus is quite repetitive, you can't deny that these ladies have some strong vocals and it makes me long for SPICA even more. I hope they don't sell out to the trending sound and mediocrity, because this is quite refreshing and goes well with my liking of Z.Hera and Andamiro. I can't help but say that this is great use of Lee Hi's leftover set pieces.

"Mirrors" by EMMA LOUISE
This popped up on my YouTube subscription feed and I checked it out with no regrets. It's a quiet, but seemingly deep, emotional song. I love the soft vocals and ambient, electronic music. The visual presentation is very simple and allow body movements create a picture along with the song. It might seem boring, but it fits the tone of the song and the gentleness of the vocals.

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