Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!!

2013 has ended and 2014 has began! With the changing of time, it's time for me to check in with you guys, my lovely Cult followers, and ask what you guys would like to see more of on the site. I know I'm still catching up on some things I have lined up, but input helps a lot as well. Call it supply and demand. Anyway, I would really appreciate you all taking a few seconds to check out the poll to your right and picking whatever options you feel I should produce more of.

I'm looking forward to sharing more content and trying to stay active on Muddy Cult this year. Thank you for your comments and support! Please feel free to continue sending questions, suggestions, and requests for the blog. I love answering things and providing my commentary on various aspects of pop culture. Once again, Happy New Year!

Your Cult Leader,
Suzahiru Miko

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