Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rant: Is there really controversy with Piggy Dolls?

New Korean female talent has been introduced this year. They have the style of 2NE1 and the sound of Big Mama. This strong female force call themselves the Piggy Dolls!

This great fresh talent has faced similar obstacles dealing with being rejected in the music industry due to their physical appearance. Sadly, the thing that makes them stand out the most is their weight, which they use to their advantage. I must admit that that's what caught my attention first and then the girls' powerful voices from their debut music video, "Trend".

I have a habit of reading people's comments when I want to get into something. I've noticed that a good portion of listeners focus on their weight too much, but most of those people do acknowledge their talent positively. Like GP Basic, people argue that size doesn't matter and it's wonderful to have something new enter the kpop scene. Others read into it too much and find this image unhealthy and their name to be degrading.

The trio has learned to laugh at themselves and embraced their name with pride as they blow their competition away on stage. Although I understand the purpose of their intro in their video for "Trend", being proud to not be stick thin and eat whatever, but I also understand how it could be a bad example to fans to be unhealthy. Honestly, I think they could've left that part out.

From what I've heard, Kim Min Sun has lost a bit of weight and the girls comment on their hard performances. They mention the pile of broken heels and putting dents in the stage. It's great to have "fiercely full figured" women representing Korea. Perhaps it will cut down a small chunk of the shallow factors emphasized in the industry.

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