Monday, March 21, 2011

Vidoll's Dissolve

I know, I know...old news is old, but I think I'm ready to voice my opinion on one of the saddest recent disbandments: Vidoll.

When I discussed Ayabie's disbandment I mentioned how I loved Vidoll for the same amount of time. They were the core for my love of j-indies bands. Sure, I wasn't a fan in the beginning with Ayano, but I came in when Hide and Yukine were around. I was drawn in by Jui's strong and broad vocal range and Rame's emphasized bass in "Remind Story" and "[F]stein to [M]". Unfortunately, I had to deal with their dual guitarists leaving, but Shun and Giru have picked up the pieces with ease and later they progressed to a major label together.

I did miss their old bass driven sound, but I accepted and enjoyed a good number of their experimentations and growth. They appeared to still uphold a strong chemistry among each other on and off stage, so it was heartbreaking to hear that Jui was having trouble with his voice like many other vocalists last year. So, the band went on hiatus so Jui could recover from surgery and whatnot. The premature announcement of disbandment shocked the fandom.

According to Rame's optimistic blog entry on the matter, he mentioned how unhappy he was with the company's public announcement on their official site, especially since they were still deciding what to do. Tero revealed that he had contemplated leaving as he lost passion for drumming in Vidoll. It felt more like work and not fun. Jui's post kinda went around the subject of disbandment and focused more on his upcoming solo work where the label named him the next Gackt. Unfortunately, this news upset a number of fans further as many mentioned he would be taking a break for his voice until April, I believe. Some felt betrayed by Jui and laughed at the thoughts of him becoming another Gackt.

As much anger and sadness that has come from this news, it does appear that Jui is genuinely sad about the disbandment and is determined to put his all into their final live and his solo endeavors. Rame also kept spirits up by saying that one day they will reunite and has kept himself busy by reconnecting with former bandmates Hide and Yukine in session bands. He also supports Jui's solo career. Giru's post on the situation was a bit bland and felt forced, in my opinion. Shun also had an optimistic take, mentioned he was busying himself with his restaurant and session bands, and promised to give his all in Vidoll's final days. Although Tero expressed his disconnect with Vidoll's music, he openly stated that he still wants to continue his musical journey and it looks like he will with former 12012 guitarist Yuusuke.

Jui's solo debut PV, "Saidai Kouyaku Ai", was posted some time ago and had given mixed feelings for fans. I thought it was weak and it sounded like a new Vidoll ballad with less umph! I'm still optimistic that things will be good for all of them. I wish them luck on their overseas live in Taiwan and their final live together in Japan. Vidoll will live forever and I will be cheering them all on with whatever they decide to do with themselves, together or apart.

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