Thursday, November 3, 2011

Great Teacher Onizuka vs. Gokusen

Years ago, I was introduced by a friend to the wonderful, pretty boy drama of Gokusen. I stuck to it season by season and even bought the anime boxset. As of this year, I began reading the well known GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka series and over Labor Day weekend I indulged myself in the drama. There's still things I want to see and read from both series, but I could not help but compare these abnormal but badass teachers to each other.

In Gokusen, we have Kumiko "Yankumi" Yamaguchi who is heir to her grandfather's yakuza clan. This is her biggest secret, but Kumiko's goal is to pursue her dreams as a teacher. When she is hired at an all boys private school, she is assigned the worst class in the school that constantly causes trouble for each other, her, and Vice Principal Goro Sawatari. In the end, Yankumi turns things around and her students adore her.

In GTO, we have karate expert and ex-biker gang member Eikichi Onizuka. He went to a third rate college and was always considered trash in his high school days. Despite this, the school's director sees something in Onizuka and grants his wish to become a teacher. He hits several bumps along the way that cause trouble for his students and the school's faculty, but eventually his students become very fond of him.

Both characters share several similarities through personality and storyline. Both characters aren't the ideal teacher type, but they both dream of teaching...although their reasons differ. They both are assigned delinquent classes that try to get rid of them, but their teachers stick by them through thick and thin. They both have an enemy and love interest within the school. They both also face near termination because of who they are or what they've done.

Even though both stories are similar in many ways, I still enjoy them a lot. But to pick who is the baddest teacher, I honestly cannot decide. So, I want you guys to vote on the poll on who is the most badass teacher!

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