Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

This idea recently came to mind. I don't know how often I will be doing this, but I found some noteworthy music videos that need some spotlight. This list is in no particular order either, so no complaints people!

"Hikari" by Lolita23q
I know it's old news and it was released in the beginning of the month, but it is still epic. I've loved the band since the beginning with "Ishoku Othello". Reason to watch/re-watch? Two words: Synchronized headbanging. The song is amazing too and I'm pleased that the band is growing and Soshi's vocal talents mesh the band's style very well. I guess I can forgive Sou for leaving and Watashime Slug for disbanding now that we reached this point.

"Arcadia" by MUCC feat. DAISHI DANCE
As a MUCC listener (not fan), I really liked this song. It's like a mix of "Fuzz" and "Chemical Parade" which I love both on some unhealthy degree. Of course, there's debates between MUCC fans on the quality of the song and dumb statements of "You're not a true MUCC fan if you dislike it", but my thoughts on the second comment I will hold for later rantage. The video is pretty decent and the song is really addicting. Only dislike are the costume choices, otherwise I'll continue happily dance in my dorm to this tune.

"KiLLiNG ME" by SiM
Where have you been all this time? Omfg! This video appeared on the related side vids of YouTube while watching "Arcadia" PV. The screencap piqued my interest, so I clicked it and was completely caught off guard in the most amazing way. Focusing on the song for a second, it's really aggressive and replay worthy. It falls under the same category of western jrock bands like Pay money To my Pain, coldrain, and 404NOTFOUND, so it was easy to attach myself to it and crave more. On the visual side, I love the editing, effects, and camera work a lot! It's up there with PTP's "Deprogrammer". I can't wait to promote their latest album for you guys now. Thanks, MUCC~

"You Look Good" by Verbal Jint
Am I late discovering this one too? I love Verbal Jint. He is an underrated Korean rap genius! I've always thought that when I first discovered him. He has a skill with combining smooth beats and equally smooth, emotionally filled flow that entwine effortlessly. Even if you disregard the subs in the vid, you get the gist of what's going on. There's one little shocking point too.

"Get It In" by Tasha
The queen of Korean rap is gradually make her return with her king. From what I learned, this video is promotion for some sort of tech group or something. So, it's going to feature a lot CG and autotune, but it doesn't make the song any less quality. It's still amazing and intriguing. Tasha still proves she's still the reigning queen of the k-rap game. Bow down, ladies.

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